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Hi! I’m Sues. If you’re new around here, then welcome! I’ll tell you a bit about myself and this little part of the Internet. I’m a 30-something lifelong Boston resident who has been blogging for over six years now! I started We are not Martha back in January 2008 with my friend Chelsee. We decided to launch a food blog when we were in our mid-20s because we wanted to show people how to live a Martha type life while still having lots of fun.

The blog has changed quite a bit over the years and while Chels doesn’t have a lot of time to post anymore, I have been staying very busy in the kitchen. When we first started We are not Martha, I was a single girl in my 20s living in Boston. Now I’m in my early 30s, married, and living in the Boston suburbs. During the day, I work as the social media director for a marketing agency in the city and take on freelance writing jobs whenever I have time. Things have definitely changed, but my love for cooking, baking, writing, and all things Martha Stewart have stayed the same.

While I blog mainly about my recipe creations, I also write about travels, restaurant experiences, what I’m reading, what I’m loving, and all things happening in my life.

I do work with brands, but only when it’s a brand I truly believe in and am a fan of. If you’re interested in working with We are not Martha on a project or advertising opportunity, please reach out at thegirls@wearenotmartha.com.

To see some of the press and campaigns we’ve been involved in so far, check out our Press and Accolades page.

Thank you so much for reading WANM! I can’t wait to connect with you 🙂

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  3. Girl I have always enjoyed your recipes and hoping to see you in Blogher food 2015! Are you going to be there?!

  4. Love your site! And you’re local!

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