Frozen Peach Margarita

June 24, 2011


Frozen Peach Margarita -- A cocktail made with the freshest of ingredients.... Peaches and tequila! |

Welcome, Friday. Even if you are a very gloomy Friday, indeed. While the fact that it’s the end of the week is good enough for me, I hope it’s better weather in your neck of the woods. Not that you can’t enjoy Cocktail Friday from the comfort of your living room, rather than the sunniness of your deck or patio. After all, Dateline is on tonight 🙂 (don’t laugh at me; I really am excited for Dateline).

Since it’s peach season, I figured a peach drink was in order. And what better drink than a margarita? I concocted this drink by myself after realizing that every single peach margarita I could find called for peach schnapps. I just can’t get behind peach schnapps. I mean, a) if I’m using fresh peaches, why on Earth would I want artificial peach flavor in my drink? Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of it being peach season? And b) peach schnapps reminds me of college. It’s really not meant to be drunk on its own. I realize that. But it makes me cringe to think about it. I settled for a little triple sec and honey as a form of sweetener and off we went.

Frozen Peach Margaritas (makes 3-4 margaritas):
Print this recipe!

• 3 peaches peeled and sliced
• 2 T fresh lime juice
• 1 C tequila
• 1/2 C triple sec (orange cointreau)
• 3 T honey
• 3 C ice


Peel and cut your peaches into manageable pieces. If you want, you can stick the peaches in the freezer before you make your drink, but it’s not totally necessary.


Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend on high speed until your desired consistency is reached.

Frozen Peach Margarita -- A cocktail made with the freshest of ingredients.... Peaches and tequila! |

Pour into glasses that have been sitting in your freezer. You can salt the rim if you want, but I just garnished with a piece of fresh mint.

Frozen Peach Margarita -- A cocktail made with the freshest of ingredients.... Peaches and tequila! |

I honestly don’t think this drink could have been a prettier color. Or had a smoother consistency.

Frozen Peach Margarita -- A cocktail made with the freshest of ingredients.... Peaches and tequila! |

It wasn’t overly sweet and tasted perfectly fresh. While you could, of course, make this drink with frozen peaches, you know there’s really nothing like fresh. And I’m telling you, your grocery store probably has about 20 varieties of peaches right now. Mine does. Go get them.

Frozen Peach Margarita -- A cocktail made with the freshest of ingredients.... Peaches and tequila! |

I also have a mint plant that’s growing at a ridiculously crazy rate. But seriously, it’s kind of awesome. I needed mint and could have either spent $2.50 on a small pack of it or $2.00 on a beautiful mint plant that keeps growing and growing. I’m no fool.

Frozen Peach Margarita -- A cocktail made with the freshest of ingredients.... Peaches and tequila! |

Margaritas are generally better in the sun.


With your loved ones!!


Not only are we watching Dateline tonight (duh), but we’re also hoping to get some wedding related-stuff done. The reason I haven’t been sharing much is because, well, we haven’t done much. Hopefully our wedding website will be done within the next couple weeks…. and we’re well on our way to having our save the dates confirmed. Our wedding isn’t for 11+ months, but we want to get them out early since we have so many out of town guests. We’re going to be sifting through the loads and loads of Boston-area photographers this evening. How does one even choose a photographer?! Well, I do know we’ll be using Snapknot to aid us in our search. Check it out if you’re looking for a wedding photographer too… I know one of the founders 🙂 And if you know of any amazing Boston photographers, please send them in my direction!

In the meantime, I’m sitting with my Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, and billions of wedding websites 🙂

What are you up to this weekend? And more importantly, what will you be sipping on?


Frozen Peach Margarita -- A cocktail made with the freshest of ingredients.... Peaches and tequila! |

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33 Responses to "Frozen Peach Margarita"

  1. Hey, congrats on the wedding! When is it? Great drink.

  2. Sues says:

    @Maggie Thank you!! We’re getting married June 9, 2012. Feels far away, but I know it will come quickly! 🙂

  3. Megan says:

    Liz Linder is AMAZING! I’ve worked with her a couple times for portraits and events through my job, and I’ve never seen someone put people at ease more. She’s right in Brookline Village and does beautiful work. Check out

  4. Michelle says:

    I’m looking forward to hanging out with some of my favorite food bloggers this weekend for a potluck dinner!

  5. Sharon says:

    This drink looks delicious & so very fresh! FYI .. an easy way to peel peaches is to drop them in boiling water for 2-3 min. and then into a bowl filled with ice & water to stop the cooking…the skin just falls off.

  6. Vanessa says:

    Holy pretty color! Wedding photographers are so confusing- I have lots of friends looking so want to see who you choose!

  7. miri leigh says:

    This has to be the PERFECT summer drink. I will be making this tonight! Thanks for posting.

  8. Daisy says:

    looks fantastic. why did it have to be so cold friday?

  9. I am so ready for one of these… or maybe 3.

  10. Reeni says:

    I’m with you on the fresh peaches! Pass one of those luscious babies this way please!

  11. Mary says:

    What a gorgeous color. They look absolutely delicious. I hope it warms up and you have a wonderful weekend. Blessings…Mary

  12. Greg says:

    Awesome! We just got a juice extractor and I have already experimented with “adult” juice. I will give blender smoothies a try and make a post some time soon.

  13. Lauren says:

    Michael J Charles Photography. Amazing!

  14. Shannon says:

    peach schnapps has never been tasty to me. but i love the looks of this 🙂 maybe with some rum, since i don’t do tequila!

    I know two photographers in the area, feel free to check them out (it’s quite a personal decision in terms of their style, so i’m really just throwing them out there!) and

  15. That looks perfect for the kind of days we’ve been having here… 111…112….113!!! Ouch!

  16. Peggy says:

    Good luck with the wedding planning! We’re slowly but surely getting there ourselves!

    And we had margaritas this weekend too – watermelon ones! But I’ll be trying out this peach variety soon enough, don’t worry =)

  17. ArchitectsOfOurOwnDemise says:

    Love the site and, of course, this sexy looking tipple. I just got a Vitamix and this is at the top of my list of things to make in it. We’re getting married August 12, 2011 and I can tell you from experience – Don’t let the planning consume your life. Take time to enjoy the company of the one you love (perhaps with a summery sip such as this) and things will seem to more easily fall into place. Cheers!

  18. Peach Schnapps is an odd liqueur if you’ve ever tasted it by itself. It’s actually not very good. ha As you said, why go fake if you have the real thing? The peaches are almost perfect here, so it’s fun to play around with them.

  19. Wow. I really wish I had one of these right now! Great recipe.

  20. Susan says:

    That is a beautiful margarita! I love the idea of using fresh peaches – perfect for summer. My favorite college drink was Lambrusco. I don’t think I could look at a bottle of that again 🙂

  21. briarrose says:

    Beautiful color in this drink. Refreshing and so tasty. Plus it has fruit so I file it under the healthy tab. 😉

  22. Kristen says:

    Oi. These look dangerously delicious. And since it is 75 and sunny out right now, I think it is almost time to kick it out of the office and hit up a Margarita Monday? Peaches, here I come.

  23. I agree about the peach schnapps. Just thinking about it sends me on some bad flashbacks. This looks absolutely beautiful and refreshing. I can’t wait to try it out.

  24. Eva says:

    Oh my goodness gracious! That looks like a summer drink if I’ve ever seen one 🙂 The ingredients sound wonderful, too!

  25. Angela says:

    Alicia Savage photography- she’s local & fabulous!!!!!

  26. So glad I found your blog! These peach margaritas look awesome!

  27. Kelsey says:

    Adding this to my to-make list. I rarely have tequila on hand, but next time I do, this is getting made.

  28. Leanna says:

    Loved it! Thanks for the tip…and good luck with wedding planning.

  29. Megan says:

    I’ve been craving a peachy drink for my last weekend of freedom (We go back to school on Monday) and this is perfect! Congrats on your engagement and good luck with all the planning!

  30. Hazlb says:

    Hmmmm! think I’ll try that

  31. Ryan says:

    I just made these with rum, as I didn’t have any tequila on hand. I left out some of the honey to compensate (only used about 1T), and we decided it needed something more, so I blended in the mint leaves. So yummy!! Great summer drink! Also, I didn’t peel the peaches, just blended them up, and it worked out great… you couldn’t even tell, plus, more fiber!

  32. Karen says:

    Pinned this recipe a while ago, just made it and drinking it now. I used 2 tsp of sugar because I dont like honey. So delicious! I like my drinks strong and this is strong. Thanks for the recipe.

  33. Gail says:

    Have just had the mango version of this pure fruit drink and was so sad I don’t have any really fresh mangos (like we had in Cabo)….but what do we have fresh picked off the tree? Peaches. Thanks. This sounds perfect!

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