Blood Orange Couscous Salad

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My newest post on the Parade magazine website is all about how blood oranges make winter a little more bearable. But I have to admit that I wrote that post before it started snowing again in New England. In fact, it was 50-something degrees in Boston as I was writing it, which means I must have been in an insanely positive state of mind.

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Then we woke up to snow this morning. And I almost cried. Because I had already started wearing my spring coat. Le sigh.

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To be fair, it is still early March and it’s rare that early March equals spring and warmness for Bostonians. But still, we hope. Because it’s all we can do. And eat blood oranges. I still believe blood oranges can bring a little happiness to this deep dark winter.

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And so can gorgonzola cheese. I’m pretty sure gorgonzola cheese has some kind of super power healing power. Amiright?

Blood Orange Cous Cous Salad 4.jpg

Now I need to figure out how to make some sort of mac and cheese with blood oranges. Because everyone around here is in some serious need of hardcore comfort food.

If you are feeling depressed about the resurgence of winter and  the fact that you had to put your winter coat back in the closet, check out my post at Parade magazine for Blood Orange Couscous salad!

7 Responses to "Blood Orange Couscous Salad"

  1. Shannon says:

    ha. I can’t see citrus going in mac n cheese, but you’re totally right about needing some comfort right now! (as I still see flurries outside)

  2. I wanted to die when I was clearing off my car this morning, haha. I am so ready for spring!!

  3. Megan says:

    The salad looks great! Even when it was warm the other day, I had my down coat out because it was still cold in the morning! I haven’t been able to switch to a spring coat, but I am hoping for warm weather fast too. In the meantime, I agree that blood oranges (and my favorite Cara Cara oranges) help!

  4. That is one sweet looking salad! I know your pain here in the Carolinas. Pretty sure the 80° days followed by 30° snow days are the reason for everyone catching the funk in this house. Cooome oooon, spring!

  5. Josie says:

    I totally hoarded blood oranges this winter, and still have a few left. I had them mentally bookmarked for blood orange margaritas, but this salad looks pretty great, and would definitely be healthier! decisions, decisions…

  6. Joanne says:

    Where do you find blood oranges, I have never seen any here in Arizona, but sure would like to try the salad.

  7. Sues says:

    @Joanne- I can usually find them at my regular grocery store, nowhere special. I think they’re in season until the end of March, so I hope you can find them!

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