Christmas Bark

Back on Halloween Sara made some terrific Halloween Bark, with white chocolate, pretzels, oreos, candy corn, and sprinkles. The salty/sweet combo, as you may already know, is one of my all time favorites. I fell so in love with this bark that the following night we all went out to a bar and I brought my own little bag snack on… don’t judge. Last weekend Sara made another version of the bark, but for Christmas, and included Christmas peppermint candy corn. Again, unbelievable. I brought a bag to the Celtics game the following evening. Ha!

So for my family Christmas this week, I decided to give this whole bark thing a try on my own. I wasn’t really following a recipe, which, I think, is the cool thing about this. You can sort of toss in what you want or whatever makes sense to you and your taste buds, next time I’m experimenting with bacon. Obviously.

Here’s what I used:

White chocolate melting wafers. After searching high and low for these bad boys (apparently they’re quite popular around the holidays) I ended up calling iParty and they had a 5 pound bag they so nicely put on hold for me. From what I hear, when making bark you should use these wafers, they melt and pour a lot better than just a regular bar of chocolate. You can buy them at most craft stores or any baking type of store that sells candy. I also used pretzels, Oreos, m&ms, green and red sprinkles, and candy cane peppermint Hershey kisses.

On a baking sheet I broke some pretzels up and tossed some seasonal m&ms in.

Now for the oreos.

The white chocolate wafers melted. I popped them in the microwave for a minute or so and stirred until they melted nicely. I sort of eyeballed the amount, maybe a couple cups or so.

Pour the melted chocolate over the candy mixture on the baking sheet. After that I added the peppermint Hershey kisses and sprinkles, just so they would sit nicely in the chocolate. It looks like Christmas exploded on a baking sheet and I loved it!

Pop the baking sheets in the fridge until hardened. I was surprised at how quickly they hardened, maybe a couple hours or so, but I left them in overnight.

Once hardened break into small pieces.

I wish every morning I could wake up to something this cool! Not only is this bark really easy and quick to make, but I love that it can be taken from season to season just by getting creative and playing around with some fun candy… or bacon 😉

I hope everyone has a very happy, safe, and blessed holiday!


14 Responses to "Christmas Bark"

  1. rattynposh says:

    This bark is my new boyfriend!! Best Christmas Eve Day breakfast I’ve ever had!!!

    Ladies of We Are Not Martha, thanks for a fab year of drool-worthy recipes! I look forward to attempting to follow your not-Martha-y footsteps in 2009! 🙂

  2. VeggieGirl says:

    Oooh, looks positively delectable!! And fun 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you both!!

  3. Heather says:

    mmmmmmmmmmm. you did a good job with that “whole bark thing”! it looks delicious! merry christmas 🙂

  4. Yummy Mummy says:


    Merry Christmas girls!


  5. Louise at Livin Local says:

    Wow! My mind is reeling with possible combinations!

  6. Kate says:

    I just found your blog and can’t wait to try this recipe. YUM!

  7. TKTC says:

    That just ran my standard white/dark chocolate with candy canes INTO THE GROUND! PRETZELS?? Are we crazy now?? I love it!!

  8. RebeccaC says:

    Ummm, yum! I can’t wait to hear about the bacon version!!!

  9. Desiree Aprekuma says:

    This is the best treat ever!! Thanks for bringing it to Xmas dinner!!

  10. ~Madeline~ says:

    Pretzels in the bark? YES!!!! This is a perfect recipe to satisfy my love of sweet and salty together. I would have never thought of it myself. Great recipe! Happy New Year to you both!

  11. Babycakes says:

    you’re very creative, looks like loads of fun to make!

  12. Anonymous says:

    looks yummy, my kids and I made peppermint bark for the holidays, it was delicious, but may have to try a version of this for valentine’s day…thanks for the idea.

  13. D.Todd says:

    hey susielicious, it's dustin.
    1) i went on a bark marathon over the holidays as well. I used a lot of peanut m&ms and rolo candies in mine. I also often mix white and chocolate bark/melting chips to make a super sweet, really milky chocolate bark because i hate both dark and white chocolate haha.
    2) you can get melting chips and bark at michael's and most craft stores, too. anyplace that sells wedding stuff, should have it.
    3) i love to use the square grid pattern pretzels from the same brand you have pictured below. they have more pretzelness to them and don't break into as many pieces, so you get more chunks.
    4) i always always throw my bark in the freezer for literally two minutes on waxed paper or parchment and it is already hardened and ready to move to the next batch. girl, please, i don't wait around for it to cool in the refridgerator! i got too many ingredients in there for other stuff!
    5) you shouldn't even play around with bacon in your chocolate! you should just do it! have you tried that vosges bacon chocolate i rave about constantly? it is delish! don't use bacon bits, they are too salty and they disintegrate in water, but cut up some lean bacon and throw in your chocolate with some sea salt and maybe some sesame seeds or hemp seeds for texture. definitely milk chocolate for this or the flavor combo is off.
    xo susie, i'll get you my buffalo chicken wing dip asap!

  14. Carsen says:

    I like the go-with-the-flow recipe deal. Something I don’t have to print 🙂 Thanks!

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