Cupcake Charlie's @ Mashpee Commons... Tasting!

Cupcake Charlie’s @ Mashpee Commons… Tasting!

September 26, 2008


Chels sent me the link to Cupcake Charlie’s at Mashpee Commons weeks ago. We knew we were going to be spending the weekend in the Mashpee/Falmouth area of the cape for a high school friend’s wedding (congrats Libby and Shaun!) and we wanted to see what there was to do while we weren’t wedding partying. Cupcake shop? Obviously on our agenda. From the second we viewed the website, we were psyched to try all the crazy exciting flavors. Mint Chocolate Madness? Peanut Butter Pleasure? Funfetti? As if the wedding wasn’t exciting enough; now we had even more to look forward to.

After wandering around Mashpee Commons and having some lunch, we excitedly went to Cupcake Charlie’s. The shop is adorable and we especially loved the saying on the wall: “Life is Short…Eat a Cupcake.” There’s no reason our kitchens shouldn’t be decorated with sayings such as these too.

LOVE the matching pastel KitchenAid mixers. There were also lots of friendly employees in the kitchen, bustling away baking the cupcakes.

Hi, beautiful cupcakes in the case. How will we ever decide which flavors to try?

Chels didn’t really see the problem. And that’s when we decided to get a dozen and hold a cupcake tasting later that night.

There were 13 of us staying in our awesome house in New Seabury, so we figured we’d find out what everyone thought of the cupcakes. We cut each cupcake into 4 pieces, and placed them by a sheet of paper, on which we required our tasters to write their opinions (yes, we made this serious business).

Your hostesses for the evening, of course.

After waiting patiently for us to set up the tasting, everyone is ready to dig in!

Wine, cupcakes, and old friends. Life honestly doesn’t get any better than this.

We clearly took our tasting extremely seriously and were thrilled everyone got into it and took notes on everything they tried.

Chels and Nina posing in between bites.

Nina is impressed and Erin’s jotting down her thoughts.

Steve was a fan of the Orange Dreamsicle.

People are starting to get full. But Susie is obviously still eating.


I know we say nice things about cupcakes a lot, but these were definitely some of the best cupcakes we’ve had. Many of them had some sort of filling in them and each cupcake tasted exactly like the name inferred. All of us were extremely impressed and we all ate way too much.

We liked them so much, that we took Katie into the shop on Sunday (she was performing bridesmaid duties and couldn’t attend our tasting). We chatted with the super friendly owner, Dan (who co-owns with wife Penny), for a bit and discovered they may be looking to expand. Please, please Cupcake Charlie’s, come to Boston! We need you here, preferably between Coolidge Corner and Cleveland Circle so we will have easy access to your shop! And We are not Martha would be more than happy to spread the word a little more. Especially if it means eating more cupcakes.


Summary of reviews & comments:
– “Yum & cute. colorful, moist cake- sweet frosting. Great for a 5 year olds bday”
– “Delicious! Tastes like vanilla/vanilla but more fun. Sort of like Party Favors cupcakes but better because it’s lighter”
– Frosting is sweet but not too sweet; cake perfectly moist! I would finish it off if we weren’t doing a cupcake tasting!”

Chocolate Mint Madness:
– “minty frosting, cake was a little dry but very flavorful!”
– “love the detail by adding the Andes mint on top!”

Peanut Butter Pleasure:

– “Amazing!” Peanut butter cup- cake is a bit dry but there’s so much peanut buttery goodness it doesn’t even matter!”

Chocolate Raspberry Surprise:
– “Raspberry frosting is out of this world!”
– “Wow love the soft raspberry tone to the frosting. If it was a little more fudgey I think Zagats would be at your door!”

Caramel Apple:
– “Tastes like a Pillsbury cinnamon bun… which is awesome!”
– “A nice fall cake… more cinnamon than apple. Delicious”

Orange Dreamsicle:
– “Tastes like candy! Very tasty. I like the organginess of it”
– “I feel like I just ordered a creamsicle off the ice cream truck. Fun and good!”
– “Frosting tasted like a creamsicle. Very unique! :)”
– “Very dreamy. You can freeze it and put it on a stick”

Oreo Delight:
– “WICKED good”
– “A perfect oreo blend between the cake and frosting”

Pumpkin Spice:
– “Like the cream cheese frosting, cinnamony flavor was great. I want the whole thing!”
– “Really good! But the pumpkin is subtle and cream cheese frosting is more overpowering. I would up the pumpkin taste and keep the frosting the same”
– “The frosting is amazing!”

Grammy’s Carrot Cup:
– “LOVE the frosting!”
– “Flavors were on point. I wish the coconut slices were chopped even finer.”
– “I think this is amazing. SO moist. Best carrot cake I’ve had!”
– “Well balanced. I like the frosting flavor and carrot cake. Coconut is good yet added a different texture that stood out.”

Chocolate Overload:
– “Ca$h money!!”
– “Chocolate overload for sure! Perfect for any woman PMSing” (haha our favorite comment)
– “mmmm, so chocolatey!”

Vanilla Loves Chocolate:
– “I enjoyed the Reese’s Pieces on top!”

Vanilla Loves Vanilla:
– “Nice and light… better than Party Favors in terms of weight. I really enjoy the lightness”

Cupcake Charlie’s
28 North Street
Mashpee, MA 02649

[Chels and Sues]


12 Responses to "Cupcake Charlie’s @ Mashpee Commons… Tasting!"

  1. T. Bella says:

    OMG thanks so much for this! I’m going down the Cape to Falmouth for a housewarming, and I’m so making my boyfriend stop here first. I consider myself a cupcake connoisseur, and I did a cupcake tour of Boston a few weeks back (Party Favors, Sweet, S.End Buttery, LuLus and Kickass). So I’m excited when you say these are some of the best you’ve had. Thanks ladies!

  2. Renee M. says:

    Umm I have that same dish set. It was a wedding present for my parents. In 1980. I guess we can call it retro now, huh?

  3. TKTC says:

    Sent this post to my Mom…you’re so fun:)

  4. Katelin says:

    what a cute idea, this looks so fun!

  5. We Are Not Martha says:

    t.bella- what perfect timing!! make sure you tell dan and penny that we sent you! ENJOY! 🙂

    renee m- that’s hilarious. i think my parents had the same set as well. in fact, i think every family has owned a corelle set at some point! 🙂

    tktc- YOU’RE so fun. hope your mom enjoys it!! (will see you in a few weeks… yesssss!!)

    katelin- we highly recommend everyone do this with a group of friends… and some wine… it gets hilarious 🙂

  6. notthelifeiordered says:

    You guys are evil. That is all.

    (I love cupcakes waaaay more than I should and those look amazing. I’ve been craving crumbs cupcakes which are to die for and you make it so much harder to stay away!! Hence the evil.)


  7. Sara says:


  8. present writing says:

    those look amazing!

  9. claire says:

    I used to haunt this place as a kid -their frosting is good enough to eat straight. Have you been to rosie’s?

  10. Butternut Sage Designs says:

    What a nice testimony to my brother’s cupcake shop. I am Donna! His older sister, and I loved that you mentioned my art work on his walls! If you really would like to have some words for your kitchens let me know! You can email me from my website….I loved all your pictures, it looked like you were having a blast! Enjoy your next cupcake!

  11. Kathy says:

    Stumbled upon Cupcake Charlies in Plymouth, have not been the same since! I am craving them right now 🙂 Cute little shop with evil delights.

  12. Lana says:

    We had them do the cupcakes for our Cape Cod beach wedding last year. I’m glad you found this place. They were on the Food Channel’s “Cupcake Wars” show too. We are back this year from Texas, and I’m going to satisfy my Cupcake Charlie’s cravings tomorrow!

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