Easter Dinner + Menus with the HP Sprout


I hope you all had wonderful Easter/Passover weekends! Chris and I hosted our first real holiday dinner at our house… We were so excited that we actually broke out the china. You know, the wedding china. The stuff we haven’t used yet, despite the fact we’ve been married almost 3 years. The stuff that’s been packed in boxes in our basement since we moved into our house and my parents brought it over from their house. To be fair, we totally ordered a china cabinet back in December and it still hasn’t arrived yet, which is why the china is still living in our basement. Maybe when it’s easier to access, I’ll use it more often? I posted about this on Instagram and so many people responded saying they’ve been married for ages, too, and haven’t used their china yet! Is registering for china starting to become a thing of the past?

For now, I just pulled out the dinner plates. And real cloth napkins and napkin rings! Talk about fancy.


My dining room is one of my favorite spots in the house. I love the way the sun comes in and I love that we have a nice big table to set for family and friends. I also love that my mom brought over chocolate bunnies.


I printed up Easter dinner menus on my HP Sprout to add a little extra fun to the table decor.


Yes, I scanned in a Peep and jelly beans. How cool is that?? I simply put them on the Sprout’s mat and the camera captured the 3D images. I’m constantly amazed by this technology.


Once they were scanned in, I used Martha Stewart’s CraftStudio to build the menu. They have some super fun lace themes that let you add in pretty imagery. How perfect is it that Martha Stewart has an app on the HP Sprout? Meant to be!

You can drag the imagery you want from the screen down to the touch pad, resize everything, add text, etc.


I’m not the craftiest person, so I appreciated how easy this was to put together. It was a nice little touch on our Easter dinner table!


As was all of the food!


This was  my first time cooking a ham. And in an embarrassing turn of events, I actually called my mom from the grocery store to ask her “Are you supposed to buy hams already cooked??” I hadn’t a clue. So, I don’t feel too accomplished for baking my first ham, but I did put a nice little dijon and brown sugar rub on it. The asparagus was Meyer Lemon Asparagus and my mom brought Ina Garten’s Potato Fennel Gratin and those gorgeous carrots.


Cocktails were also served upon everyone’s arrival! I couldn’t find St. Germain at the liquor store, but found this St. Elder instead. So, so similar, way less expensive, and local (it’s from Somerville)! I made this Watermelon Mint Cocktail.


And this Lemon Meringue Pie, too!


My crust definitely left a little something to be desired in terms of appearance, but I was really happy with how the rest of the pie turned out. I LOVE how high the meringue was and the lemon curd was perfectly tart and sweet all at once. Such a great Easter dessert.


As always, the highlight of the evening was my adorable, now 10-month-old, nephews! I really don’t know how they manage to get cuter every week, but they do. Things are getting even more fun now that they’re getting seriously mobile and starting to communicate a whole lot more.


They’re such happy boys and, I mean, how can you resist a baby in jeans??


We’re usually so busy playing that we forget to get photos of us actually with the boys. I’m so, so happy that we got some Easter photos this year!


The boys with their auntie and uncle! I think this one is going to have to go up on the wall somewhere! It makes me so happy.


It was such a great Easter! And it had me excited for all the friends and family we’re hoping to have over to our house this spring and summer. I think I basically became a hermit the past several months… Winter in Boston was TOUGH and it seems like everyone is now ready to rejoin society and enjoy some sun. Hooray!

How are you celebrating Spring?

Full disclosure: This post was sponsored by HP Sprout and Collectively, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own! Check out my first Sprout post here to see more on what the computer can do!

12 Responses to "Easter Dinner + Menus with the HP Sprout"

  1. Rachel says:

    aww everything looks so cute!! the sprout looks amazing!

  2. what a pretty table! and the menus are gorgeous:)

  3. awww, what a pretty table! and the menus are gorgeous 🙂

  4. Those menus look awesome, and I love that you broke out the china for the first time 🙂 Also, such an adorable family pic!

  5. Joanne says:

    Aww SO FUN and those menus are adorable!! Your nephews are 100% the cutest. And we didn’t register for China…I just didn’t want to get something that would have to sit in my MIL’s or mother’s house for years because we don’t have room!

  6. Velva says:

    Happy belated Easter wishes to you! Your table and menu rocked. Loved it. You keep breaking out the china and inviting your friends and family to dinner-Feed them and they will come 🙂


  7. Judy Miller says:

    Such a festive, fun post……..your table, menu and pics are the BEST!

  8. I love setting a nice table for special occasions. And ‘special’ can take on any meaning. Sooo I commend you. Your table was lovely. I hope now that you’ve finally used the china, you will do it more often. The dinner was fab. OMG on the pie!!!!! And boy howdy those little boys are flat out adorable.

    I don’t normally talk about ME, but please take note of the slight name change from Wild Goose Tea. New web design—whoopee and am adding some new features along the way.

  9. How perfect does that meringue look! And how cute is your family!

  10. Nice table and menus! The food looks awesome too. Glad you had a nice Easter with those cute nephews and your family!

  11. oh your Easter was wonderful wasn’t it. So glad! The food looks amazing and the pictures of those gorgeous little boys made me smile:)

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