Fall Soiree aka A Pumpkin Carving Party!

Fall Soiree aka A Pumpkin Carving Party!

October 16, 2010


Every Fall I tell myself I’m going to either carve or decorate a pumpkin. It’s just something that I always want to do but can never find the time to sit down and actually get it done. About a month ago my new roommate, Liza, and I were randomly talking about carving pumpkins and our favorite Fall foods. We immediately decided we were going to host a “Fall Soiree” where our guests could carve their own pumpkins and enjoy some Fall-like foods. We sent the invite out on the spot (using Paperless Post!!!!) so we knew we had to follow through. Another season without decorating a pumpkin was just not acceptable.

We decided to host it this past Friday evening since we thought it would be a nice way for all of us to relax and wind down from the week and still be able to enjoy the rest of our weekends. After work yesterday I went to Allandale Farm in Brookline and loaded up a cart with a plethora of pumpkins for our guests. We figured since some of our guests might be coming straight from work we’d make things easier on them so they wouldn’t have to lug a pumpkin around. If you’re hosting your own pumpkin carving party you can make it BYOP (bring your own pumpkin) if that works best for you!

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As with any party, there has to be good food! It started at 7pm so I knew most people would have already eaten something so I had some small bites and some desserts. I made cauliflower “caviar” with frizzled prosciutto from the November issue of Cooking Light. I also made my favorite barbeque chicken meatballs and vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting and candy corn centers! Kate made pumpkin swirl brownies which were YUM!





Sues made delicious popcorn with chocolate and carmel drizzle and candy corn ice cream. Yes. You read that right and I just about fainted when I took my first bite. Thankfully she left some in my freezer 😉



We also had a lovely cheese platter:


And I lit a pumpkin scented candle for the lantern and filled the votives I have on my coffee table with acorns. Using nature to decorate is quite economical 🙂 I also love these particular votives from Crate and Barrel because you can fill them with whatever you’d like to switch things up seasonally!


After we all ate we got to the main event: decorating and carving the pumpkins! We set up two stations so everyone wouldn’t have to crowd around one table. Liza purchased some pumpkin carving sets at a local party store which included the actual knives and a slew of fun patterns. She also bought two painting sets. Thankfully. Because my carving job was atrocious and I needed a back-up plan! I ended up destroying my pumpkin by carving it entirely wrong and I decided it was best for me to just paint… haha!



It was so much fun once everyone got to work on their masterpieces!


I, of course, chowed down on a cupcake while I worked 🙂








We were all quite serious about the task at hand 😉





Painting a ghost!


The pumpkins I purchased were a bit too small for the patterns we had but everyone made it work!








Liza furiously carving!




Sues and her grim reaper pumpkin!




Once everyone was finished with their pumpkins we decided to have a little photo shoot with them. I was soooo impressed with how cool they all looked lit up on the kitchen table!!! And how professional they all looked, too! I was trying to convince Kate to quit her day job and become a professional pumpkin carver but I don’t think she’s going to 😉


Some of the ladies with their pumpkins!











The best part about hosting a pumpkin carving party? Well, the seeds of course! We roasted three batches: one with sea salt, one with cinnamon, and the other with curry! Soooo good. Someone at my gym that afternoon told me that pumpkin seeds help fight belly fat too so we were all stuffing our faces with them 😉 Is this true?!?! Anyone??




And because it’s nice to send your guests home with a little something, we made goody bags filled with Halloween candy 😉


It was so much fun being able to get our closest girl friends together, be creative, and just act like kids again. I highly recommend throwing a little shindig like this for you and your friends! I’m already thinking about the next one… perhaps an Easter egg dying/decorating party?! Because every Spring I tell myself I’m going to do that, too!

What’s your favorite kind of party to host? I definitely think this was one of my favorites!


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21 Responses to "Fall Soiree aka A Pumpkin Carving Party!"

  1. Simply Life says:

    oh my gosh, that looks like so much fun! I love that you did that!

  2. Matt says:

    what a fun party idea!!!

  3. Sharlene says:

    This event looks like so much fun! I always love how you share the little bits of decorating you do to make things extra special.

  4. What a fun night! I love the dinosaur pumpkin. I wish I lived in a bigger place so I can host something like that (my apartment is TINY). So cute to have gift bags too – that one I can manage 😉

  5. Victoria says:

    This looks like so much fun, what a great idea to get everyone involved! Love it 🙂

  6. Mindy says:

    This would have certainly made me carve a pumpkin, something I also think about every year but have yet to do. As for favourite type of party to host, I’m throwing a murder mystery Hallowe’en party and am VERY excited- planning down to the last detail in terms of house decor, menu, costumes, it’s going to be very cool. Stay tuned:)

  7. we are carving pumpkins today !! 😀

    I LOVE having ANY kind of party at our house… I just love my kitchen to be filled with my favorite people…

    I have a karaoke machine, so THAT is always a fun party!

  8. Erica says:

    oh my gosh! This is so much fun. You guys are all artistic too. The pumpkins look great. And that food? Drool. I want some of that popcorn. We had an Oktoberfest party last night and it was a great time. I like any kind of themed party

  9. Eden says:

    I just had a birthday last week and I wanted to throw some sort of party. I think Im totally gonna steal this idea. I really find it difficult to have a “fun” party as an adult after college and all that. Thanks for this! I’ll for sure post about if I end up doing this party!

  10. Maiah says:

    LOVE it. adorable 🙂

  11. Michelle says:

    What an adorable evening! I love your ghost pumpkin!

  12. Elina says:

    So fun! I’ve never carved a pumpkin but I’m going to a pumpkin carving party on Friday so that will change soon 🙂

  13. Kerstin says:

    Awww, how fun, I especially like the dinosaur one 🙂 And the fact that you gave everyone little goodie bags to take home – how cute!

  14. Looks like a bunch of fun. We always do pumpkin carving as well. It’s just not fall without it.

  15. whee!!! i am getting a pumpkin and carving it this year! the blogs are really making it look fun!

  16. Emily says:

    What a cute idea.. I love the acorns in the votives. Definitely snagging that one!

  17. Katie says:

    such a fun time!! when i make the career change to professional pumpkin carver, i’ll have you to thank for it! 🙂

  18. It looks like you had an amazing time! I love the idea of a pumpkin carving party. And that food looked delicious, too!

    – e

  19. DianaHayes says:

    Looks like a fun party and they must be your best friends – otherwise sharp knives might not have been the best choice. It all looks like great fun good times.

  20. Alicia says:

    What a great idea for a party. So festive….
    and all the pumpkins look fab-BOO-lous….


  21. Jane Joyce says:

    After seeing those yummy pumpkin seeds I have just decided that it is imperative that I carve a pumpkin this year. Looks like you ladies had a great evening.

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