Graphic Tees by Campfire Goods, Inc!

Graphic Tees by Campfire Goods, Inc!

I have a massive crush on graphic tshirts, I honestly wouldn’t even want to count how many I actually own. I love clothes for many reasons, but mostly because people can express themselves through the way they dress. I think that’s why I love a good graphic tee. It’s a quick and easy way to express yourself. Or maybe another reason is because I’m a graphic designer and I appreciate when people convey messages, feelings, emotions via tees.. it’s a good way to get a quick look at someones personality. Whatever the reason… I’m addicted.

So today friend Kara told me that the Bazaar Bizarre was coming to Boston this weekend (12.07.08, 12-7pm @ The Castle at Park Plaza). She described it as “Etsy comes to life!” Which is another way of saying… Heaven on Earth. As I browsed the website for vendors that would be in attendance I stumbled across Campfire Goods, Inc. I immediately went to their website and found some of the greatest graphic tees I’ve seen in a while. The categories on the site are: “Find your State” (all 50 states!), “Typography and Design” (yes, please!), “Grammar”, “Humor”, “Sports”, and “Landmarks”.

Some of my favorites:

east coast represent! …

(they also have a midwestern one for all of our Chicago readers… there are lots of you!)

(design & typography)
(design & typography)
I love this one… so many different names for, what I call, soda…
What do you call it?

So for all of you who don’t know what to buy for the holidays for your Secret Santa at work, or a friend, or really anyone, I’m almost positive you’ll be able to find a personal and great graphic tshirt from Campfire Goods, especially since the shirts are only $20!

And since we’re on the topic of graphic tshirts… please check out the one I bought yesterday from Diesel Sweeties Store:


My obsession with bacon continues! I can’t wait for it to get here… oink!


6 Responses to "Graphic Tees by Campfire Goods, Inc!"

  1. Sara says:

    i saw the bizarre bazaar on yelp a few weeks ago! so cool. totally going!

  2. Lippy says:

    I’m a big fan of graphic tees, too. I love the kind with that “inside humor” feel to them, like the “sans serif” ones you have here.

    I have my own t-shirt shop on cafe press: if you’d like to take a look.

  3. BlogsDominicanos says:

    Saludos de ChisMopoly.Com

  4. Heather says:

    how cute! i like graphic tees, too. these ones are adorable!

  5. Peckish says:

    WHOA the Bizarre Bazaar was amazing, I spent under $50 and got lots of Christmas shopping done, hope you made it too!

  6. susan says:

    I want the Mass Appeal one!

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