Home Organization How-To: Jewelry Storage

Like I promised the other day, here is another fun how-to for home organization.

I have an abundance of jewelry… an obscene amount, in fact, and I’ve always had issues storing all of it. Some people like to display their jewelry on their dressers in their bedroom, but really, I have so much of it that it would take over the dresser. So, a while ago I cleared out a drawer in the top of my dresser which I dedicated just to accessories. As time went on the drawer started to overflow and I could hardly close it. A normal person would think “I should stop buying so much jewelry”… but I’m not normal 😉

When I was browsing the internet earlier this week for organization solutions, I found the best idea. Instead of stacking and stuffing everything in the drawer, find yourself fancy bowls and plates to store inside of a drawer to neatly organize everything.

This is the before photo of my jewelry drawer, which I’m actually quite embarrassed to show the world 😉 And I’m sure my parents are looking into legal ways to disown me after seeing this image…


Here’s what you do:

Measure the side of your drawer (not the front) to get the height, this way you’ll know how tall the dishware can be.

The original organization tip came from Martha Stewart and she suggests using a piece of velvet or soft fabric to prevent the bowls and plates from moving, but I actually decided to do something more “me”… I’m not so much a velvet person. I found this non adhesive natural fiber drawer liner at The Container Store (for about $8) that screamed my name 🙂


I turned to Anthropologie for the bowls and plate because I knew they’d have the type I was looking for. Sturdy, fun, colorful, and unique. Also try Marshalls, Homegoods, or a thrift or antique store. I always find fun dishes there that I want to buy!



Next, I sort of categorized each bowl by type of accessory. Beads, chunky, charms, long/short necklaces, etc. I also hung some earrings on the sides of the bowls, too, which is the BEST IDEA. Earrings have a mind of their own and always sink to the bottom of the pile so this is a nice way to keep them in sight and away from everything else.


Because I loved how organized everything was in that drawer, I decided to take some clothes out of the drawer below it and turn it into storage for my bracelets and bangles (and because there wasn’t any room left in the other drawer, hehe).


Let me tell you, I used to dread looking through my jewelry drawer before I did this. It had been such a long time since I dug deep down to the bottom to see what I even owned because it was like a black hole and I thought it was going to suck me in! It’s nice from time to time to take note of what you actually own and just clear things out. I feel like I can breathe better knowing things are more organized. And I love how pretty the drawer looks when I open it… it makes me feel fancy to see these pretty dishes when I accessorize my outfits 😉

And while we’re on the topic… I’m at my grandmother’s house now and I just got finished looking through her jewelry collection. It’s safe to say I got my taste from her. She has an infinite number of boxes and drawers filled with vintage jewels and she even let me pick out some of my favorites to keep 🙂 It’s funny how so many things that she owns from years and years ago are currently in style now! Clearly this “addiction” runs in the family, eek!


15 Responses to "Home Organization How-To: Jewelry Storage"

  1. Lexi says:

    What a cute idea! I was just thinking that I need a good way to organize my jewelry…though if I have bowls that are as adorable as yours, I may not want them hidden in my drawer 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    I also use bowls to organize my jewelry — this would also be a good way to go about it: http://laurajeankathleen.blogspot.com/2010/02/diy-bust.html.

  3. Susan says:

    Such a good idea! I used a cork board to organize my jewelry – I just hang necklaces and earrings from pins.

  4. Quisha says:

    i love those bowls. i found them at a yard sale about 4 years ago and they are great for earrings and loose bracelets. amazingly mine have never gotten tangled!!

  5. Genius. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this.

  6. I love Anthropologies bowls and glasses! Great use for them =) I used a set of small drawers to organize my jewelry, but this is so much more creative.

  7. Julie Q says:

    Very cute! I’ve seen so many cute jewelry holder/ideas that I might blog about soon- this fits right in!

  8. Desiree says:

    I love the bowls….too bad I dont have any EMPTY drawers to do this project…and ifffffffffffff only I also had some of Grandma’s jewels!! hehe…

  9. Kristen says:

    that is basically the cutest idea i’ve ever seen. how smart!

  10. Kimberly says:

    This is great – I love the different bowls. This will make looking for jewelry all the more fun!

  11. I love this. Your bowls are so pretty! I need to buy more jewelry so I have something to organize. I love jewelry, but I’m super picky!

  12. Nicole says:

    I love this idea! When I saw it on the MS site, I immediately fell in love! But, I don’t have any empty drawers or tables to display my jewelry like this. However, I do organize my beads for my jewelry making in a similar manner (I have the IKEA Alex drawer unit on casters). But instead of using pretty bowls, I opted for really chic mini Gladware reusable plastic containers (kidding on the ‘chic’ part, but hey, it works!). Your new jewelry drawers look amazing! I love everything about it!

  13. Elina says:

    I have all of my jewelry on top of my dresser and it’s becoming embarrassing. I actually just got a giant jewelry box (waiting for it in the mail). I wish I found this post earlier! (although I kind of don’t have any extra dresser space either. Oh living in the city! 🙂 )

  14. Kristina says:

    I absolutly love your organization tips!! please do more! Any suggestions on how to organize the cubboard that goes behind the toilet containing hair products etc… mine is a disaster and I dont know how to organize it.. :S

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