Honey Lime Sriracha Salmon

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You know you should be eating more fish, right? Especially sustainable, omega-3 packed salmon. I’ve been stockpiling fish lately, always keeping my freezer full for a quick weeknight dinner (if it’s flash frozen, it’s said to be just as healthy as fresh!). But I also like to cook fresh fish whenever possible. They say you should eat salmon once a week. And that’s what I’m writing about in my newest post for Parade magazine.

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OK, so I really write about Paris Hilton. But there’s a salmon recipe in there, too. You can ignore the Paris Hilton part if you want. I probably would. And I wrote it. So, that’s saying a lot.

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Oh, and it only took me about 20 minutes to make this (not counting the marinating and baking time).

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After I made this salmon, I spent a week living in freakout mode because I ran out of sriracha and so did my Market Basket. A life without sriracha? Is not a life I want to live.

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Blame me?

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I hope you’ll check out my Honey Lime Sriracha Salmon on the Parade website! Now, go have a cocktail. You’ve had a long, hard week and you totally deserve one 🙂

How often do you eat salmon?


10 Responses to "Honey Lime Sriracha Salmon"

  1. We are big sriracha people too! We put that sh*t on everything 🙂 I am also loving lox right now!

  2. Mary says:

    looks amazing!! Can’t wait to try sriracha – already LOVE salmon!
    Mary x

  3. Anything I can put Sriracha in is perfect in my book!

  4. Maggie @ A Bitchin' Kitchen says:

    Sriracha really needs to be incorporated into recipes more often instead of just getting used as a condiment. I’m addicted to the stuff, and can’t wait to try this recipe!

  5. leslie says:

    Only my son and myself like fish. My husband doesnt eat anything from the water..how annoying is that???? Grrrrr. This salmon sounds amazing

  6. Amy Tong says:

    My family love salmons, we eat it almost once a week. 🙂 This Honey Lime Sriracha Salmon sounds wonderful and packed with flavors. I’m a big fan of Sriracha! I add it to almost everything I eat…just except dessert. 😛

  7. Monique says:

    i like this! Its different. We love spicy anything in my house too. And I have salmon at least once per week. Its just so damn delicious!
    Love the plating.

  8. Gia Grossman says:

    I try to eat salmon when I can but never know how to prepare it. So now I will try this!

  9. Odetta says:

    Spicy and healthy love it!!

  10. Jac jac says:

    Prepared it. Nailed it. Liked it, a lot. Now, one of my favorite
    go to recipes. Thanks much.

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