Inspiration for a new Workspace

Inspiration for a new Workspace

Before I begin any project, whether it be invitations, stationary, coordinating an outfit, or decorating around my apartment, I almost always have some bit of inspiration that I’m working off of. I’m currently working on turning my hallway closet into something more functional, a space that will keep my art supplies in order, allow for a surface for me to assemble invitations… an office, if you will. I’ve had this idea in my head for a few weeks now (if not longer?) and have been collecting little pieces of inspiration as time has gone by. I sort of like to take my time with projects like this to collect and browse and just take in as many inspiring items as possible. Anything can inspire me. A container, a pattern on a sweater, a quote, a photograph.

Without giving away too much, here is a sneak peak of my inspiration for my project. Some are photos of objects, one is a photograph I stopped to take as I was talking a walk around Boston this afternoon, and one is a quote… and all will go into my new workspace:

textured box

(textured box for organizing)

golden saffron burlap

(golden saffron burlap that I’m incorporating into the space…excited about this part!)

antique reuge clock

reuge clock

(the antique reuge clock my grandmother gave me a few weeks ago… which inspired my idea for the color palate)

Newbury Street

(As I was walking down Newbury Street this afternoon, I passed this building… and then peddled backwards to take another look to snap this photograph. It’s so fall and so New England and I love how the leaves and branches wrapped themselves onto the facade! So cozy. I’m definitely hanging this in my new space!)

And the quote that’s inspiring me: “The world is full of people who will go their whole lives and not actually live one day. She did not intend on being one of them.”  While I was in Florida last month I bought a matted print with that quote from Curly Girl Design. I’ve wanted this print for quite some time now, years actually, and I could have easily have just ordered it online, but I thought that would be too easy and it would be more of an “a-ha” moment if I stumbled upon it randomly one day… and I did, so I bought it. Right now I have it on my nightstand, but once my workspace is finished it’s going in there to motivate me while I work.

I’m excited for this project to be completed so stay tuned…

But in the meantime, what inspires you


7 Responses to "Inspiration for a new Workspace"

  1. Kelly Alesso says:

    I absolutely love that clock. It looks so unique and the fact you got it from your grandmother makes it all the more special. I really love golden hues. I have that color on the walls in my living room and it is also the fabric of my chaise. I think I pick inspiration up everywhere.

  2. I love the clock picture. It’s so vintage! I’m always amazed at the random places I get inspired. It could be a blog I’m reading, something I ate at a great restaurant or even taking a walk and thinking.

  3. Kelly R says:

    I really like that picture you took!! Good eye. I love the New England/ Boston area. My husband and I visited earlier this year and didn’t want to leave!

  4. Katie says:

    i can’t wait to see the finished workspace! the colors are so you 🙂

  5. Alexa says:

    Love that photo Chels! We have some similar-looking brownstones w/ the fall colors here in Chicago!

    And I dig your thoughts on inspiration…very cool and gives me some ideas!

  6. anne marie says:

    Since it is fall I am naturally inspired by nature. This time of year produces so many great accents for decorating. Bittersweet Vines, Pine cones, pine needles, osage oranges! I can’t wait to see what your closet turns out looking like! The colors are great!

  7. emrlds says:

    i love this! seriously, i have a notebook full of photos and bookmarks full of inspiration on my computer. pretty sure i have a page bookmarked with a closet-turned-office on apartment therapy at work. remind me tomorrow, i can send it along!

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