Sues’ Birthday at Sonsie & Foundation Lounge

This past Saturday night a bunch of our closest friends got together to celebrate Sues’ birthday! It had been pouring rain all day, torrential downpour style, and somehow the rain stopped right before we all headed out, which worked out wonderfully! We started the night off with dinner at Sonsie on Newbury Street and ended up at The Foundation Lounge in Kenmore Square.

At dinner, I ordered the peach sangria, which I highly recommend, and the pan seared salmon with sugar baked butternut squash, celeriac, wood smoked bacon, and beet greens, was also divine!

peach sangria


The birthday girl ordered the cannelloni with baked autumn squash, mascarpone, spinach, and garlic toast. It, too, looked wonderful! There was lots of great food to be had and it was fun to celebrate and catch up with everyone over a great dinner at one of Boston’s most popular restaurants!


After dinner we stepped outside where Sara, of course, was fully prepared with a box of assorted cupcakes from Sweet. We ate them off the sidewalk… and everyone dug in. The things we’ll all do for food. How lovely.


After we enjoyed the cupcakes we hopped on over to the Foundation Lounge to hang out some more. When we first got there, the scene was pretty dead so we just sat around and chit chatted, but after a while the place was jam packed and the good music started!

sues and chris

(Sues and Chris!)

kate and paul

(Paul and Kate!)

chels and kate

(Chels and Kate!)

jeff and kyle

(The engaged, Jeff and Kyle, Sues’ college roommate!)

chels and sues

(we always make time for a We are not Martha photo!)

erin, mike, and nina

(Erin, Mike, and Nina!)

sara, sues, and chels

(cupcake queen Sara, Sues, and Chels)

We all live so close to each other but as time goes by and we’ve gotten older, everyone’s schedules make it hard to get together in large groups. But no matter how busy we are or how crazy things seem to get, we always manage to make time to be there for each other… and that means celebrating friends’ birthdays in style. No matter where we go or how old we get, there are a few things that are always guaranteed to be present: good food, lots of laughs, and wonderful friends. So happy birthday to my wonderful and best friend Sues! Can’t wait to see what this next year brings to us!


5 Responses to "Sues’ Birthday at Sonsie & Foundation Lounge"

  1. would love to see a post or two on outfits/style/fashion. Chels, you seem to have so many fabulous dresses that I wish would just appear in my own closet. Would love to hear the brands and such. I realize this is not a fashion blog, but… 🙂

    Great work ladies!

  2. Shannon says:

    happy birthday Sues!! looks like a wonderful night 🙂

  3. Katie says:

    aww such a good post! love you guys!

  4. Happy Birthday Sues! The cupcakes look great.

  5. Beth says:

    Adam and are sooo sad that we are missing all the fun! Looks like a great time with great food and, of course, great cupcakes. We miss you!

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