Cake Mix Pancakes

Looking for the easiest most deliciously sweet pancakes ever? Cake Mix Pancakes can be made with any flavor cake mix & come out perfectly every time!

Makes:  15 pancakes Prep Time: 5 mins Cook Time: 15 mins

Can you make pancakes with cake mix?

Yes! With cake mix, you have flour, baking powder, sugar, vanilla, & salt all in one ingredient. You just need to add milk & eggs for the perfect pancake batter.


– 15.25 oz. box cake mix: flavor of choice – Whole milk: or dairy/non-dairy alt of  choice – Large eggs – Butter or cooking oil – Frosting: optional for topping 

Put cake mix in a large bowl.

Make Batter

Mix in milk & eggs until just combined. Take care not to over-mix; a few small lumps are OK!

Make Batter

Heat large griddle or nonstick skillet over medium & lightly brush with butter or cooking oil.

Prep Griddle

Pour about ¼ cup of batter onto griddle & cook for about 2 mins, until bubbles start forming on surface.

Cook Pancakes

Flip & cook for another minute, until lightly golden. Repeat with remaining batter.

Cook Pancakes

Serve pancakes topped with frosting, maple syrup, or whatever you choose!


I love using Funfetti cake mix & lots of sprinkles for cake mix pancakes, but you can use chocolate, golden, or strawberry!