Cinnamon Pear Sangria

Packed with crisp white wine, vodka, fresh pears and a cinnamon pear simple syrup, this Cinnamon Pear Sangria is like fall in a glass! Don't forget the cinnamon sugar rim!

Makes:  1 0 servings  Time: 15 mins Cook Time: 20 mins.


– White wine – Vodka – Cinnamon pear sangria (the recipe for this is included below) – Fresh pears – Cinnamon sticks – Soda water

Syrup Ingredients:

– Fresh pears – Granulated sugar – Water – Cinnamon stick – Vanilla extract

Put pear, sugar, water, cinnamon stick, & vanilla in a saucepan & bring to a boil. 

Make Syrup

Once boiling, lower heat & let simmer for about 15 minutes, until the mixture thickens.

Make Syrup

Strain mixture into a bowl or jar, leaving behind pears & cinnamon stick. Cool before using.

Make Syrup

Add wine, vodka, simple syrup, & cinnamon sticks to large pitcher. Place in fridge for 2 hours to let flavors meld together. – 

Make Sangria

Right before serving, stir soda water into pitcher.

Make Sangria

Pour sangria into ice-filled glasses with cinnamon sugar rims.

Make Sangria

This Pear Sangria is the perfect cocktail to serve at all your fall celebrations!