Cucumber Basil Lemonade

Cucumber Basil Lemonade is an amazingly refreshing cocktail that can also be made into a mocktail (just leave the vodka out!).

Makes: 6 cocktails Prep Time: 20 mins Chill Time: 2 hours

Peel one cucumber, cut it in half, & then cut each half in half lengthwise. Scoop seeds out, discard, & dice cucumber.

Dice Cucumber

Add cucumber pieces to a food processor or blender.

Puree Cucumber

Process until smooth.

Puree Cucumber

Put cucumber puree through fine mesh sieve over a bowl & push with wooden spoon or spatula, extracting as much liquid as you can. You should be able to get about ¾ cup.

Extract Juice

Mix together ¾ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice with 3 cups water, & 3 Tbsp granulated sugar.

Mix Lemonade

Pour lemonade & cucumber juice into a large pitcher. Stir in vodka (if desired). Slice remaining half cucumber & add with lemon slices & fresh basil to pitcher.

Combine in Pitcher

Let mixture chill until ready to serve. Pour cocktail into ice-filled glasses, making sure to get some sliced cucumbers and lemons and basil in each glass.

Combine in Pitcher

This Cucumber Lemonade is incredibly refreshing and is the perfect summer cocktail. Leave the vodka out until pouring if you want to  also enjoy as a mocktail!

Sip in the Sun!