Coconut Chia Dragon Fruit Smoothie Jars

These 5-ingredient Coconut Chia Dragon Fruit Smoothie Jars will brighten up your morning with their pretty pink hue and keep you full and satisfied for hours!

Makes: 2 servings Prep Time: 10 mins. Chill Time: 8 hours


– 1 cup coconut milk (or dairy or dairy alternative of your choice) – 3 Tbsp chia seeds – 2 Tbsp shredded coconut – 2 small frozen bananas – 2 Tbsp dragon fruit (pitaya) powder – Fruit and shredded coconut for topping, optional See more ingredient info -->

You can use any kind of dairy or dairy alternative, but I think coconut milk tastes best & adds to the tropical flavor.

Coconut Milk

Make sure you get 100% freeze-dried dragon fruit powder with no added ingredients!

Dragon Fruit Powder

Chia seeds are known for being high in fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. I buy them in bulk!

Chia Seeds

Make sure your bananas are frozen for this recipe (pop them in the freezer the night before when you mix the chia pudding).


Divide coconut milk, chia seeds, & coconut between two 8 oz. jars, cover, & stir or shake. Place covered jars in fridge overnight to allow chia seed pudding to thicken.

Prep Jars

When ready to eat, place bananas in blender & blend until smooth. Add dragon fruit powder & process until it's blended into banana puree.

Blend Together

Pour banana/dragonfruit puree on top of chia seed pudding in jars. Top with fruit and shredded coconut for garnish, if desired.

Finish Jars

These smoothie jars make a healthy & delicious breakfast!