Gigi Hadid Pasta

{Spicy Vodka Pasta}

Have you made model Gigi Hadid's viral pasta recipe yet? It's a Spicy Vodka Pasta that's easy to make, delicious, and super versatile!

Makes:  6 servings Prep Time: 10 mins Cook Time: 15 mins


– Pasta shape of your choice – Olive oil – Red onion or shallot – Minced garlic – Tomato paste – Vodka (optional) – Heavy cream – Red pepper flakes – Salt – Pepper – Unsalted butter – Parmesan cheese – Basil

Bring large pot of salted water to a boil. Cook pasta until al dente. When draining, reserve ½ cup of pasta water.

Cook Pasta

While pasta is cooking, add olive oil to large skillet over medium heat. Add shallot/onion & cook until it softens, about 5 mins.

Make Sauce

Add garlic & cook until fragrant, about one minute.

Make Sauce

Add tomato paste & stir. Let cook for 3-4 mins until starting to brown/caramelize.

Make Sauce

Stir vodka into sauce & let cook for about 1 minute.

Make Sauce

Stir to combine and remove from heat.

Make Sauce

Add cooked pasta, reserved pasta water, & butter to skillet & toss to coat pasta in sauce.

Toss Pasta

Stir in parmesan cheese.

Add Cheese

Serve pasta topped with additional parmesan & chopped basil.


Gigi Hadid Pasta is such a simple, but deliciously flavorful dish! The Spicy Vodka Pasta will become a family favorite!