Muffins with  Pancake Mix

Looking for the easiest muffin recipe? These Muffins with Pancake Mix are incredibly easy to make and come out perfectly every time.

Makes:  12 standard-size muffins Prep Time: 10 mins Bake Time:  20 mins

Benefits of Pancake Mix

Why use pancake mix for muffins? If you don't have all-purpose flour, baking powder/soda, or salt, it acts as all three! The mix makes delicious muffins and you can incorporate any mix-ins, like blueberries or chocolate chips.


– Pancake Mix – Granulated Sugar – Eggs – Whole Milk – Vegetable Oil – Vanilla – Mix-Ins (like blueberries or chocolate chips)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees & line a muffin tin with 12 papers.

Prep Recipe

In a large bowl, whisk together pancake mix & sugar. Create a well in the center of the mix.

Make Muffins

In a medium bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, vegetable oil, & vanilla until combined.

Make Muffins

Pour wet ingredients into well in dry ingredients & using a spatula, mix together until just combined. Fold in mix-ins.

Make Muffins

Fill muffin papers ¾ of the way with batter & bake for 18-21 mins, until muffins are just turning golden.

Bake Muffins

Let cool in the tin for a couple minutes before moving muffins to rack to cool completely.

Bake Muffins

Your family will be asking for these super easy pancake mix muffins every chance they get!