DIY Rock Candy Recipe

Did you know you can make your own rock candy at home? This recipe is such a fun science experiment to do with your kids and the results are delicious!

Makes:  5 sticks of candy Prep Time: 30 mins Crystalizing Time: 6 days


– Water – Granulated sugar – Food coloring See next slide for additional equipment you'll need.


– Mason jars (or other receptacles) – Skewers or sticks – Clothespins or chip clips

How is Rock Candy Formed?

Making rock candy is similar to making simple syrup... Except you'll oversaturate the syrup solution (AKA add too much sugar to it) and then let it cool and rest so sugar crystals can form. As the solution cools, it becomes unstable and all the sugar can't stay in the liquid, so it attaches itself to the skewer.

Submerge skewers in water, coat them in sugar, and then set out to dry.

Prep Sticks

Clean jars & attach clothespin to top of each skewer & balance over tops of jars, hanging about 1" from bottom of jar.

Prep Jars

In large saucepan, bring water to a boil. Add sugar one cup at a time, stirring with wooden spoon & letting fully dissolve before adding the next.

Make Solution

Divide sugar solution amongst prepared jars. Stir in food coloring & bring jars to where they'll be resting for the next 6-7 days.

Add to Jars

You'll likely see little crystals forming within hours, but you'll want to let the jars rest for 6-7 days to let sugar crystals fully form.

Now, Wait!

When ready to remove rock candy from jars, use finger or fork to gently crack hardened sugar on top of jar & gently wiggle stick to release.

Remove Candy

Let solution drizzle from stick (I recommend setting the candy over an empty jar or bowl to let it drip) before enjoying the candy.

Remove Candy

This DIY rock candy is so fun to make as a science experiment, but it's also a delicious treat for kids and adults! 


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