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Some of you may know that I write for a site called Guidespot. Guidespot is a fabulous resource for the various restaurants and activities your city has to offer. While the guides can feature pretty much anything to do with a city, many of them are featured around food. And no matter what type of cuisine you’re looking for in your city, chances are you’ll find it on Guidespot!
  • Here are all my guides for all you Bostonians. I obviously write a lot about food in Boston, but also have some guides featuring some other fun touristy things to do in the city. I’m pretty much an expert on Boston’s nachos and so I pride myself on my guide to the best nachos.
  • My favorite New York Guidespotter. She has a fabulous guide on where to get the best candy in NYC.
  • A fabulous writer of Los Angeles guides. I’m LOVING his hilarious guide to the best sushi in LA.
Don’t worry, I think Chicago guides are coming soon! The site is growing everyday and now we’re starting to think about how to make it even better.

That’s where you come in. It would be fabulous if you could give me your feedback and let me know what you like about the site, what you don’t like, and what you think could be improved. Be honest! We’ve got everything from a city’s best nachos to cupcakes to hangover cures, but is there something you’d like to see that we’re missing? Is the site search-friendly for you? Do you just hate it altogether? We really want to work to improve the site. Plus, if you give me your feedback, I might win a little ahem, cash prize. So, the more the better 🙂

Check out the guides for your city and the site as a whole and let me know what you think by leaving your comments or e-mailing me at Thank you so much and I hope you all enjoy Guidespot!


2 Responses to "Website to Check Out: Guidespot"

  1. Pink ditz says:

    It might be cool to have guidespot go global even?. Include guides for other major cities like London, Tokyo or Paris.

  2. Haley says:

    Hi there! I typed in Chicago and there were several great vintage shops left out.

    Edgewater Antique Mall
    Broadway Antique Market
    Brown Elephant Resale Shops

    P.S. if Guidespot happens to be hiring in the Chicago area– I am new here and would love to do this! or check out my blog

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