Whole Foods Healthier Pantry Makeover Giveaway!

This post is sponsored by Whole Foods, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

One of my favorite things in the world is when I spot a recipe I need to make ASAP and realize I have all the ingredients in my pantry and fridge. Or when I don’t have time to make dinner and am able to whip up something delicious and healthy with whatever is in my pantry or fridge. I can’t even tell you how much I value keeping a well-stocked fridge and pantry.

We often get questions about what we always keep stocked in our pantries and fridges. So, when Heather from Whole Foods asked if we wanted to do a giveaway for their Healthy Starts Here program, I jumped at the chance. After all, I think one of the toughest things about keeping your pantry stocked with healthy whole foods is getting started. If you’re living from grocery store trip to grocery store trip, stocking it up can cost a little bit of money. That’s why Whole Foods is stocking one of our readers’ pantries with $140 worth of goodies! Check it out:


I was also excited to hear that judging by what Whole Foods says, I already follow many of their Healthy Pantry guidelines. Go me!

Here are their 4 steps to a healthier pantry:

Step 1: Focus on whole food

Keep the pantry and fridge stocked with whole, fresh foods and avoid refined, highly processed foods with artificial ingredients and hydrogenated fats. Stock it with cans of diced tomatoes and frozen veggies. Unsweetened, 100 percent fruit juices and apple sauce are kid favorites. Instead of white rice, go with brown rice. Keep whole wheat and brown rice pasta in the pantry for a quick pasta dish.

Step 2: Stock more plant-based foods

Your fridge should be full of fresh and frozen fruits and veggies. Keep the pantry stocked with beans (canned or dried) and whole grains like quinoa and barley. Whole grain flatbreads, rice crackers and tortillas are perfect for snacks and wraps. Keep raw almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds on hand to make salad dressings and to add a nutritious crunch to all kinds of dishes. Choose apricots, dates and raisins as natural sweeteners.

Step 3: Consider nutrient-dense foods

Make sure to keep the pantry full of foods rich in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants.

This includes easy-to-prepare lentils, kidney beans, and oatmeal as well as quick snacks like nuts and seeds, 100 percent fruit juices and nut butter. Fresh nutrient-dense foods should pack the fridge, including greens, carrots, strawberries, blueberries and oranges.

Step 4: Switch to healthy fats

Keep the pantry stocked with nuts, avocados, seeds and unsweetened, no-salt peanut and almond butters for healthy fats.

Do you already follow the steps to a healthy pantry? If you win this giveaway, you’ll get all those awesomely healthy shelf-stable goodies from Whole Foods!

I’m totally proud to stay I have most of the suggestions in my pantry! And now I’m going to tell you what else I have… all the non-shelf stable stuff πŸ™‚ Admittedly, I have a lot of stuff. My pantry can actually get kind of scary at times. But don’t worry, it’s an organized mess! I swear.


In the Fridge:

-Soy milk ( I like Silk Light Vanilla)
-Butter, unsalted (always at least 8 sticks)
-Whole milk (usually a little container for baking)
-Heavy cream
-Yogurt (most always Chobani)
-Big container of light vanilla or plain yogurt
-V-8 (I don’t drink a lot of juice, so if it’s not water, coffee, or tea [or wine], it’s usually low-sodium tomato juice)
-Apples (I almost always have a bag of granny smith and a bag of macs in the fridge)
-Pears (for chopping up and putting in yogurt)
-Lemons and limes
-Baby carrots, cucumbers, baby spinach (good for snacking or quick salad)
-Other fruits and vegetables (whatever looks good, is on sale, or is involved in the week’s recipes)
-Parmesan cheese
-Shredded cheese
-Maple syrup


In the Pantry:

-Whole wheat pasta (my go-to for quick dinners)
-Whole wheat bread
-Olive Oil (regular and extra virgin)
-Beans (black, kidney, etc)
-Rice (brown and jasmine)
-Peanut butter
-Granola for topping yogurt
-Chicken broth
-Vegetable broth
-Low-sodium soups
-Bread crumbs (regular and whole wheat)
-Vegetable oil
-Vinegar (white and red wine)
-Dijon mustard
-Frank’s Red Hot
-Light mayonnaise
-Jam or preserves
-Soy sauce
-Yellow onion
-Sweet potatoes


In the Freezer:

-Meat (I always have at least some chicken and ground turkey frozen)
-Frozen peas (to put in whole wheat pasta)
-Ice cream (just in case)
-Frozen blueberries



-Flour (I always keep all-purpose unbleached white and whole wheat)
-Brown sugar (both light and dark)
-Confectioner sugar
-Baking soda
-Baking powder
-Vanilla (made from scratch by mom)
-Cocoa powder
-Chocolate chips (and white chocolate chips and butterscotch chips)
-Bars of good quality chocolate
-Coconut flakes
-Dried cranberries
-Corn starch


I own just about every spice in the book, too πŸ™‚ Your spice cabinet is definitely something you can build up as you continue cooking- no need to go out and buy everything at once!

Oh wait, I guess this is an important pantry shelf to have, too πŸ™‚


Anyway, those are the essentials I keep in my kitchen. Yes, it’s a lot, but when you’re cooking and baking all the time, you want to be ready!

How to enter to win the Whole Foods Healthy Pantry Makeover:

Want Whole Foods to give you the ultimate healthy pantry makeover? All you have to do is comment on this post and tell me why you need your pantry to be stocked with these healthy goodies from Whole Foods (everything from the first photo at the top of the post; listed here).

Anyone in the U.S. can enter, as long is your entry is in by Monday, February 14 at 11:59 p.m. (Valentine’s Day!!). And, of course, you can get an extra entry by tweeting about this giveaway and commenting again to let us know!

Good luck! You pantry could soon be super stocked!


220 Responses to "Whole Foods Healthier Pantry Makeover Giveaway!"

  1. dani says:

    i’d love to win this! new year’s resolution is to learn how to cook some decent, healthy meals and i’ve been trying so hard! just shopped at whole foods for the first time the other day and i LOVE it!

  2. dani says:

    also, i tweeted about this from @itsdanimoore!

  3. Gina says:

    As a college student, I could totally use a healthy pantry makeover! My budget doesn’t always allow me to buy all of these FABULOUS goodies. I would love to win πŸ™‚

  4. Leah says:

    This is pretty amazing. I need the makeover b/c the closest WF’s to us is over an hour and a half away so we don’t get to go and restock very often!

  5. Jessie @ Tasty Fare, Pretty Wear says:

    Winning this would be incredible!! I love to eat healthy but as a student it pains me to spend a small fortune every time I hit up the grocery store!

  6. Katie says:

    I could use the pantry makeover because I’m a graduate student which means 1)I live on very little money, which means 2)I succumb too easily to the cheapness of prepackaged evil, which is doubly worse because 3)I spend a lot of time in front of a computer on my duff.

    Winning this could save me from myself. #melodramaticResponse

  7. Victoria says:

    Oh wow. This is a fantastic giveaway! I used to have such a well-stocked pantry, but we moved across the country 5 weeks ago, and it’s taking me forever to slowly build it back up. This would be such a help!

  8. delia says:

    I too am a student who could benefit from a WF makeover!

  9. Amanda says:

    Well ever since I started a food blog, I’ve gained a fair amount of weight. Lately I’ve been trying to eat healthier and it’s been working, but I still end up eating things really bad for me. I’m a little apprehensive about trying new things, especially when I’d have to pay twice as much for the healthy, organic options that whole foods has. Being a college student, I just can’t afford all that great food. I’d be really really really excited to win and try all that delicious, healthy food!

  10. Shaundra says:

    I am currently working on my Masters degree, as well as holding down a job, and this leaves my schedule VERY busy. It is easy for me to want to grab something fast or unhealthy because I don’t currently have as much time to research healthier options. I would love a pantry makeover for this very reason! I used to eat so healthy… I would like to get back to that!

  11. Becky Z says:

    I’m a college student, so having healthy, shelf-stable staples on hand can mean the difference between grabbing fast food and making something healthy and delicious for myself!

  12. Shannon says:

    I’m a working mom gradually going green and this would help me kick start the healthy eating portion of my New Year’s goals.

  13. Karina says:

    i love healthy foods!

  14. Kerstin says:

    Awesome giveaway! So my pantry is already pretty healthy, but more goodies would never hurt, right?

  15. Rachel says:

    I finally reorganized my cabinets and pantry, the next step is to stock up!

  16. mel says:

    i’m also a student (in cambridge) and a long-time reader. i go out of my way to eat healthily within the constraints of my tiny budget, but it’s hard! even harder is trying to feed my hungry and impatient boyfriend… a well-stocked cupboard of shelf-stable things would make it a lot easier to throw something together for the two of us before he loses patience and eats dinner at the vending machine πŸ™‚

  17. Tulika says:

    What an awesome giveaway!! I love Whole Foods…I think that is reason enough to want my pantry stocked with the goods!

  18. Kristina @spabettie says:

    I just started cleaning my pantry today – clearing it of the last things I will not use – (unopened will go to food bank, opened is going to my sister!)

    I could TOTALLY restock with the healthy things! Perfect timing!

  19. Ali says:

    Oh, how I would love a Whole Foods giveaway! Any opportunity to upgrade my healthy choices!

  20. Candace says:

    This would be such a blessing to win this! I have been working hard to make good choices with food. We just made a cross country move and the closest Whole Foods in 2 1/2 hours away. It would be a huge help in to stock my pantry in my new home. Thanks for giving us the chance to win this! I love Whole Foods.

  21. Candace says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway @michiamocandace. Thanks!

  22. Vanessa says:

    I NEED to win this – I am essentially the unhealthiest I’ve ever been. A few months ago I hit my all time heaviest, have managed to lose 15 lbs (not by doing anything ambitious – by losing 10 lbs on vacation from a lot of walking and the other 5 lbs from being sick for the past month), but I still have A LOT more to lose and a lot better shape to get into.

  23. rana says:

    Such a great give away! We have been trying to slowly stock our pantry up with healthy choices…it’s just so expensive to try and do it all at once.

  24. Jennie says:

    I’d love to start eating a more plant-based diet but my limited budget is standing in my way. A Whole Foods Pantry Makeover would be the perfect jumpstart!

  25. sarah b. says:

    oh i love this idea! i’m all for the idea of having a full stocked pantry, freezer-pantry, and all that. it makes cooking on the weeknights so much easier and probably more economical. but it does take a while to get it all set up! i’d love to win this πŸ™‚

  26. Rebecca P. says:

    Wow! Awesome give-away! I recently moved out on my own about 2 months ago. Love to cook but feel like I’m always buying stuff for my pantry! Especially need the healthy items.

  27. Erin says:

    I have a toddler and a husband who eat an enormous amount of food and the pantry always seems to need to be filled!

  28. Beth says:

    I’d love to win! Having all these great pantry items on hand would make cooking healthy meals so much easier. My wedding is in 6 months and I’m trying to cook healthy meals for my fiance and I!

  29. Simply Life says:

    Great giveaway! I need my pantry to be stocked we’ve been moving almost every year so we always have to “start over” with pantry stuff and never are able to get the products with shelf-life that are so handy (and tasty) to have!

  30. Molly says:

    Great giveaway. My pantry needs to be stocked with healthy goodies from Whole Foods because I’ve started eating more healthy and sometimes vegan meals and I need a little help!

  31. Erica says:

    Wow, awesome! We are trying every day to eat more unprocessed foods to be role models for our two girls. Thank you!!!

  32. Christina says:

    I usually cook pretty healthy throughout the week, but I’m starting to hit a wall in terms of ingredients – would love to try out the various products in the Whole Foods Healthy Pantry to liven up my repertoire in a healthy way! πŸ™‚

  33. Gretchen says:

    I’d love to have a pantry makeover as an excuse to try some healthier things for my meat-and-potatoes fiance πŸ™‚

  34. Michelle says:

    My pantry/fridge/freezer are pretty healthy but winning this giveaway would definitely help me add some more healthy ingredients! Plus, it might give me the motivation to do some pantry cleaning/organizing!

  35. Elizabeth says:

    I’m probably already halfway there with dry beans and nuts but winning this giveaway would make my pantry 100% healthy!

  36. susan from food blogga says:

    Hey Girls! I sent you an email on Feb 3 saying you won some Strauss veal from a give-away on my blog. Please send me your mailing address so I can have it sent to you. πŸ™‚
    As for the pantry makeover, I’m always happy to toss a few new, healthy ingredients in my pantry. Go WF!

  37. Jen says:

    My cupboards are bare and could definitely benefit from all of these great healthy goodies!!!

  38. Di says:

    I just started an amazing new workout plan and the healthy foods pantry would go perfectly with that! I’m also a broke college student…

    In an unrelated point… I love how the recipes on this site are so accessible! Even with my limited budget, kitchen tools and time, everything I make from here is amazing! Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  39. Angie says:

    I’d love to win this! The food all looks so tasty, and I love Whole Foods.

  40. Erica says:

    Agreed! making a meal from what you have on hand always feels so good πŸ™‚ I NEED this makeover! With a baby on the way, I have a feeling my trips to the store will become less and less frequent. By having what I need on hand, my life will be 10 times easier πŸ™‚

    Hope you guys are doing well! Sorry I’ve been MIA! I am finally back from vacation

  41. kimz says:

    Oh how I desperately need this! Despite living so close to a Stop and Shop, Trader Joes AND Whole Foods, I most definitely love grocery store trip to grocery store trip. My boyfriend is a horribly picky eater so I usually end up eating super simple meals with him, but I want to try and cook more interesting (and healthy!) foods for both of us.

  42. kimz says:

    And one on the good ol’ twitter!

  43. brandi says:

    oh, I SO need this!

    After moving into our new house in December, it’s taking me a while to build up a good, well-stocked pantry because this is the first time I’ve ever HAD a pantry! Plus, my only shopping options here are Food Lion and Kroger, so I’m missing out on a lot of great products from places like Whole Foods.

  44. Kelly says:

    I need a healthy pantry makeover so I can make delicious, healthy meals that my family will enjoy! We all need to eat a little bit better in my house!

  45. Erin says:

    What an amazing giveaway! I just moved to a new city and ended up using up or donating all of my stocked pantry items. I’m slowly trying to rebuild, but this Pantry Makeover from Wholefoods (my favorite place to shop!) would be incredible!! Thanks for posting this!

  46. Erin says:

    Tweeted too!!

  47. bex says:

    this is great!! Love the post and the give-away!!

    I’d love to win because I recently became vegetarian (while leaning into veganism…) and would love to restock my pantry with awesomely delicious vegetarian options!

  48. Annie says:

    Winning this would restore a bit of my sanity, I think. I am constantly craving healthy things that I can’t create due to my limited pantry (and since I am busy nearly 24/7, large grocery excursions are few and far between for me)!

  49. bex says:

    I just tweeted about it, too! (@tatabex)

  50. Julianne says:

    I would love to get a pantry makeover because I’ve been working on eating healthier and cooking more this year.

  51. Carolyn says:

    Oh, this makes me drool. I’m a recent grad school graduate, who has a teeny tiny job and an empty pantry to stock. This would be the PERFECT Valentine’s Day present! Definitely tweeted it (@CarolynVanZwoll)

  52. Ann says:

    What an amazing giveaway! I usually have most of these things in my pantry, but I make pantry meals all the time, so my stores are a little low right now. My absolute favorite part of your pictures is that you have 6+ bags of chocolate chips on hand. Very important!

    I tweeted about this too πŸ™‚ @homewithann

  53. Tracy says:

    I would love a pantry makeover – right now I’m limited in space, and when I look at my “pantry” I see things like Kraft mac and cheese dinner, soy sauce, and cans of beans that I don’t even like. I’m constantly running to the store or finding I can’t make something because I don’t have the pantry staples everyone assumes I have.

  54. A pantry makeover would be incredible. I love having quinoa, beans, whole wheat flour on hand – but sometimes I run out and reach for the cookies instead. A stocked pantry would help healthy eating stay on track!

  55. Tweeted about the giveaway too! @acambridgestory

  56. megabrooke says:

    i would love to win this! with school and work and life lately, it’d be great to know that i have the essentials i need at home at the end of the day to whip up a healthy meal, without having to think about stopping at the store!

  57. Karen says:

    I would love some healthy food! I have way too much junk at my house and need a makeover!

  58. Julie Ryan says:

    AWESOME giveaway! A pantry makeover would be amazing because we just moved into our new condo in the South End and decided to start our pantry fresh so we threw a bunch of stuff out and we haven’t had time to stock it yet. We only keep healthy food in the house so this would be absolutely perfect.

  59. Erin B says:

    I am a runner with bad eating habits! Ahhhh….help me help myself!

  60. Lexi says:

    a. I love that you have penzeys spices…that is my favorite brand!

    b. is that cotton candy flavored vodka???

    c. I recently moved in with my boyfriend and am working on stocking our pantry with the basics. I had some of them before, but as a guy, he had few, so I am trying to get that going! I am working on doing weekly menus, so when we get home, we don’t spend an hour debating what to make, and then giving up and ordering pizza! I get frustrated when we don’t have these little things, so winning this would be such a great thing!

  61. Sarah says:

    I started the year out with all of my annual doctor’s appointments and a goal. 15 lbs in 3 months to lower my blood pressure. I would love to win the WF makeover. My pantries are in dire need!

  62. Lindsey says:

    I would love the Healthy Pantry Giveaway!

  63. Sherrie says:

    First let me say how much I love your blog – you both always have such great recipes and I love the step by step photos!
    Anyway, the reason I would love to have my pantry stocked is this: I am a week-to-week shopper. Although I have some essentials in my pantry, most of the time, I have to go out and buy the things I need for my weekly meal plan. To be able to see a recipe and not think that I need pretty much everything at the store would be so amazing!

  64. Sherrie says:

    Let me first say that I love your blog – you both always have such great recipes and commentary, along with wonderful step by step photos!
    The reason I would love to win this pantry giveaway is this: I am a week-to-week shopper. I am very good about planning my meals, but I always have to buy everything each week. Having a stocked pantry would be amazing because I could actually make recipes and not always have to go to the store for everything!

  65. Beth G says:

    I would love to win this because I love finding new foods to cook and add to our regular shopping list!

  66. kay says:

    the fiancee and i are vowing to start a healthier diet (after making steak for valentine’s day of course!) and this would be the perfect help to kick it off!!

  67. Katrina says:

    I’ve kept my pantry very well-stocked over the last couple of years, but I’m about to head back to school in the fall and I know that as a law student I’ll be scrimping and saving and won’t be able to stock it as well as I’d like! This would be perfect to set me up for the coming frugality! I mean, I’m going to be studying hard, so I’m gonna need some delicious and nutritious meals, right? πŸ™‚

  68. meg says:

    I would love to win this because it’s difficult for me to stock up on healthy food items as I walk to/from the grocery store so I’m limited to buying only a few things on each trip. Would love to stock my pantry with these products and try out some new recipes!

  69. I wanna win because I just moved to a new city and all the moving expenses have drastically cut down my grocery budget! I have been really bad about eating healthy since moving and this would be a huge help for getting back on track.

  70. Amanda says:

    I’m trying to eat healthier, and these products would help jumpstart the process!

  71. Gina says:

    I would love to this healthy pantry makeover. My little boy is just about to turn one. I have had him eating super healthy foods. I gotta get the rest of the family on the same track. We’re getting showed up by a baby πŸ™‚

  72. Lisa says:

    I love cooking and would really appreciate having some more staples on hand! It’s always nice to be able to make things without running to the store, because it helps me avoid having pizza delivered!

  73. Amanda says:

    I would love to win to help make some of my New Year’s resolutions become a reality!

  74. DebbieK says:

    Oh we would love to win this. Both the boy and I made a resolution to bring our lunches to work and cook and eat at home except one night a week (we were going out more than half the week before, so it is a big change). The Whole Foods schwag will totally help stock our pantry as well as have us try new recipes with items that we don’t normally buy. Great giveaway, thanks ladies!

  75. Shannon says:

    Oh boy does my cupboard need a make over! I just recently started making sure I had a good spice stock base, now I’m ready to move up to more essentials! Also, I love Whole Foods so much it hurts.

  76. DebbieK says:

    Tweated too, thanks!

  77. Cathy says:

    I need a healthy pantry because I don’t have trips to Mexico/beach planned this year aka no motivation to get that bikini body! With all the yummy treats that you ladies post on your website I’m going to have a hard time staying thin this year for my wedding in September!

  78. Sonya says:

    My pantry needs to be stocked because I have been snowed in with my kids for 2 solid weeks and our cupboards are getting quite bare! Also I totally heart Whole Foods!

  79. Spike says:

    my boyfriend just moved in and all of a sudden there is junk food everywhere. Restocking might get him to start eating better and help me out too!

  80. Erin B says:

    tweeted too! :0)

  81. Karen says:

    One of my biggest expenses is grocery shopping and I’ve vowed to try to keep it to one (or two) trips per week. I inevitably forget something important when meal planning and making my list for the week and this is a great way to ensure that I have everything I need on hand!

  82. Jill Stokes says:

    I am getting married in a little over a year and we have done a complete food and diet makeover! I would love to have these goodies to continue our lives in the right direction.

  83. Jenn says:

    I sooooo need this because I just had my third kid & it’s a teensy bit harder running to the grocery store with 3 kids in tow.

  84. Lisa says:

    I would love to win this because my boyfriend and I have been so busy with work and school lately that we have definitely been slacking the the making proper grocery trips department!

  85. Susan says:

    I definitely need a complete pantry makeover. I may have one or two things but I do need help seeing the whole big pantry picture. I don’t think I have enough to make things on a regular basis!

  86. Alexandra@Mommy Glow says:

    why you need your pantry to be stocked with these healthy goodies from Whole Foods?
    Being a single mom, eating healthy is very important to me but is also very costly. Being able to win would help me obtain healthy foods in my home and start a new journey 2 healthy eating!

  87. K L says:

    Maybe the most important vow my fiance and I have for each other is to support healthy habits. We’ve started working out together, encourage each other to get off the couch, catch each other from flipping out or getting too stressed, which brings us to… diet! We are both on a mission to introduce more healthy options into our meals and snacks. This giveaway would be a great way to renovate the pantry and our waistlines! Thanks!

  88. Bonnie P says:

    What a great idea for a give-away! Who couldn’t use this? I’m always trying to shop and prepare better foods and succeeding at it is a great win-win- mentally and physically!

  89. Beth says:

    my daughter has recently been diagnosed with a neurological disorder, and we have been working to switch her to a diet that has proven to improve the performance of people with the same disorder. I have been working very hard to slowly transition our pantry to have all the things that will help her. Winning this pantry makeover would give us a giant leap forward! Thank you so much!

  90. SarahLynt says:

    My hubby & I are training for a half-marathon and we try to eat healthy! Having a pantry makeover would give us a huge boost in the right direction!

  91. Beth says:

    I just tweeted the message too @BustersPearl – thank you!

  92. Jen says:

    I need a healthy pantry makeover because while I have a few staples in my cupboards, I find that I’m almost always short at least one or two ingredients when I find a recipe I’m dying to make!

  93. Shannon says:

    As a law student, I would love an opportunity to have a pantry makeover and be able to stock up on healthy items.

  94. Erin says:

    I never have what I need in my pantry… I would love this!

  95. poe says:

    Love it! count me in on the healthy side!

  96. Kim K says:

    as a boston marathon runner and ironman triathlete, i need healthy foods to sustain me before and after my workouts. would love a pantry makeover to keep me moving1

  97. Maureen says:

    I live at home and would love to cook healthy things for my family!

  98. Jen says:

    I would love a pantry makeover so that I can be sure to have something healthy on hand when I need to make a quick meal because I’m pressed for time!

  99. Lauren says:

    This would be perfect to force me to expand my newly vegetarian diet. I feel like I know what I should be eating but never know the staples needed to make healthy, nutritious meals. They’re probably all included in this pantry!

  100. Nicole D says:

    I would love to win this! I recently switched from eating just about anything and everything to vegetarian/whole foods/homemade lifestyle and it’s been an adventure finding and learning what I need to have in my pantry to be able to cook dinner!

  101. Suzy says:

    This pantry makeover would be awesome to win! It makes it so much easier to stick with a healthy diet when you have the essentials already at hand.

    Pick me! Pick me!

  102. melissa says:

    About 2 years ago my boyfriend lost his job and we were forced to move 600 miles to his parents place. We had limited room and had to throw a lot of stuff away including all of the stuff in our fridge. Since then we have been living out of boxes. Recently, though, we were able to move into the guest apartment at his parents’ place and we now have a kitchen and pantry again. My bf loves to cook but with only my job and bills to pay we don’t have much extra money to stock our fridge let alone the pantry. When we lived in LA whole foods was our favorite store so I know it would make my bf so happy to get this.

  103. Jackie M says:

    I need a healthy food pantry because I just moved into a new apartment and after ten years of only eating take out, I finally have a kitchen to cook! I went out and got pots & pans and a few pantry, it’s a bit difficult to shop as I do not drive and I lug it all via transportation so having a healthy pantry to start would help out and I would be able to begin my cooking habits in a healthy way!

  104. preppy in polka dots says:

    I recently just moved into a new place by myself after living with 4 roommates! I feel like I am starting completely over in my pantry! Every time I go to make something I often lack most of the ingredients needed!! This is a great great idea and is definitely needed!!

  105. Jess says:

    I would love to win this! I’m on a really tight budget, but am working really hard to lose about 30 lbs before my 30th birthday, so I’d love a boost of healthy ingredients to help me out!

  106. Cat @ YoungHungryFoolish says:

    I’d love to win this because I’m a broke graduate student with no Whole Food stores in sight, and I’m always lusting after healthy recipes that I just can’t find the ingredients for around here!

  107. Jessica says:

    I would totally appriciate this becasue i until last week i didnt evem have a panrty or cabinet…or evem a shelf for that matter, to store anything good. I have remedied the space issue by finding a storage cabinet, but it remains empty (maybe not totally empty, i put a box of cereal in there so it would feel useful) Seriously, this would be a wonderful gift as i am currently trying to teach my 10 year old daughter to cook somethig other than toast. thank you for all the great ideas, you girls are wonderful πŸ™‚

  108. Jessica says:

    *Apologies for the spelling errors.. there seems to be a rogue staple under the keys πŸ™

  109. Judith says:

    I need this because I exercise a lot and need to fuel my body with healthy, delicious food! Going to tweet about it, too for an extra entry! πŸ™‚ Great giveaway!

  110. Regina says:

    I don’t eat a lot of pantry foods. My husband and I are basically meat and fresh vegetable people, but I hope I win anyway. I can always donate the items we won’t use to our local homeless shelter.

  111. jessica says:

    I shared the news with the twitterworld =)Tweeted

  112. Michelle says:

    I recently decided to change my life and have a healthy lifestyle. I was overweight, eating junk food and generally depressed. I have since emptied my pantry of ‘bad’ foods, started eating natural healthy food, lost 16 pounds, and just ran my first 5k! All this sounds good and all but my pantry is still empty, I have a lot of work ahead of me if Im to learn how to eat right and having the right things in my kitchen would be essential to my journey.

  113. lindsay says:

    My BF and I love to cook together…and cooking healthy foods is our FAVE. I just recently made quinoa and LOVE IT. With the two of us on a budget with rent, car payments etc…I could def use these groceries! πŸ™‚

  114. Laura says:

    Winning this wonderful food from Whole Foods would make my 2011. I am a gluten-free baker, healthy food fanatic, who loves to throw brunch & dinner parties for my family & friends. With this incredibly selection of food I can afford to cook amazing meals for myself and all of the other lovely people in my life, because that is what food is about, bringing people together!

  115. Kayla says:

    I would love love love to win a pantry makeover! I try to buy high quality food that is better for my body, but since I’m a recent college graduate I can’t always afford to shop at Whole Foods.

  116. Colleen says:

    I just started cooking and experimenting since I moved in to our new home 7 months ago. All these items would be a great addition to my pantry shelves and help me be more creative in creating healthy dishes for my husband and I who are trying to stick to a diet… πŸ™‚

  117. Aubreylaine says:

    I need this because I have been trying to eat healthier and it would be great to have some basics and get my body adjusted to healthy, pure food! aubreyfick at yahoo dot com

  118. Scott says:

    My pantry is pretty naked and needs some food staples to fill it up!

  119. Kristin says:

    I recently returned from a wonderful vacation in the Caribbean with family and I may have slightly overindulged. πŸ™‚ As a result, it’s time to get back to some healthy habits. A well-stocked pantry with essentials from Whole Foods would be an amazing way to kick start my plans!

  120. Alyssa says:

    Because it is so close to Valentines Day, it would probably be the best gift to have my love come home to our apartment with a stocked pantry full of goodies from Whole Foods. At this time I am looking for work and could use all the grocery help I could get! And your blog is the best, especially because I live in the Boston area too (Charlestown). Thanks!!

  121. Corey @ the runner's cookie says:

    I SO need this! With student loans and applying to grad school (to acquire more loans) I’ve been trying to just buy “staples” – I would love to have some of these more expensive, healthy options in my pantry!! Amazing giveaway πŸ™‚

  122. Jessie says:

    Because much of my family hasn’t lead a healthy lifestyle and now has Diabetes… so I need to get started early on creating a healthy lifestyle for myself and my other half. Thanks girls!

  123. Jessie says:

    I tweeted it also πŸ™‚

  124. Courtney L says:

    I would love to win this, I feel like I’ve moved a lot in the last couple years and each time the pantry kinda gets lost in the move. This would be an awesome way to start the new year!

  125. Jaime says:

    I would love to win this because I am a college student who tries to eat healthy on a small budget, which doesn’t always work so well πŸ™‚

  126. Joanna says:

    my new years resolution was to make a new recipe every week, and since this includes a lot of items I don’t usually think of buying, it would definitely help encourage me to broaden my horizon’s! great giveaway!

  127. Insidemelookingout says:

    I would REAAAALLLY love to win this so that I can loose the last of 20 lbs left towards my goal weight. It would also be lovely not to have to go shopping. We are on a tight budget and all of those staples would be fabulous to have in my pantry!

  128. Hillary says:

    I’m trying to eat healthier and cook at home, but its so expensive to stock your pantry. This would really help me to jumpstart a better lifestyle!!!

  129. Lacey Bean says:

    This giveaway is amazeballs! I’d love to win since it would help meal planning so much!! Having our pantry stocked with staples make life so easy, but having it stocked with these healthier options would just be the icing on the (healthy!) cake!

  130. Marcie says:

    This would help me experiment with new and healthier foods

  131. Carol says:

    Would help with meal planning

  132. Noel says:

    Totally want to win because I am running out of cash but Love Whole Foods

  133. Michelle says:

    Would love these goodies from Whole Foods! I just had to clean out my entire pantry because of a kitchen remodel, so I would love to restock it with Whole Foods goodies!! Love it!

    Tweeted this also! πŸ™‚

  134. Jessie says:

    Why do I need to win? Because I’m on a journey of losing weight and getting healthier, and for the broke person like me having those items in my pantry to get me started will definitely help!

  135. kim says:

    I would love to have a healthy well stocked pantry instead of having to head out to the grocery store when I want to make something. Having it come from Whole Foods would be heaven.

  136. Edward - If You Can Read, You Can Cook says:

    My wife is border-line diabetic and we are struggling to overhaul our diet to include less simple carbs.

  137. Francine says:

    We have gradually moved away from a healthier diet, and we would love to return. A restocked kitchen would give us a big shove in the right direction.

  138. Beth says:

    This would help me organize my pantry and create healthier meals

  139. Jill says:

    Great give away! I put an offer on a new house, TODAY, and I’m still struggling to lose baby weight from my 5 month old πŸ™‚

  140. Sharlene says:

    Oh this is a fantastic giveaway! I need this because I am really trying to healthify my diet and go to the gym etc and this would be a huge step in the right direction!

  141. Johanna says:

    I would love this as I am trying to make that number on the scale go down, and implement a super healthy family diet and there are NO whole foods near me I have to treck 1.5 hours to get to one!!!


  142. Chris Candow says:

    We love Whole Foods, but food has been a stretch after over a year of unemployment πŸ™

  143. katherine says:

    I would love to win this because recently my husband and i decided to go vegan and we have almost completely eliminated the processed foods in the cupboard and ive realized how little staple things we have. we do try to buy what we need but we also live off food stamps and its hard to buy certain things when the money needs to go towards other things like produce.

  144. NTE says:

    Such great tips – I’d love to win because we’re on a limited budget and my dietary restrictions are sometimes tricky to manage. Thanks for the chance.

  145. Ashley says:

    Over the past few years, I’ve completely fallen in love with cooking. If I had my way – I’d try a new recipe every night! BUT….since my husband and I are newlyweds, and trying to save for a house…I’ve got to stay on a budget. Stocking our pantry with all the fabulous whole foods staples would be a big help for us, as well as give me an excuse to try that “new recipe every night” thing.. πŸ™‚

  146. Jamie says:

    I’ve made it a goal to start cooking more. Plus I haven’t been feeling well lately so I’m slowly going to start removing gluten from my diet to see if I start feeling better. This would be a great help for me

  147. Margie says:

    I need a pantry make over because I eat too much junk food. I really need to cut back on it and this would be a great way.

  148. Will says:

    Would love to surprise my wife with these goodies, thanks for the chance to win!

  149. Lindsey says:

    I’d love these! I’m a single mom, trying my best to feed my girls healthy homecooked meals. These yummies (my youngest’s word for good food) would go a long way in my kitchen. Thanks!

  150. Elizabeth says:

    I would love this. I actually don’t keep a stocked pantry because growing up with a tiny city kitchen, we never tons of room, and I still don’t, so I tend to just buy stuff as I need it. Which clearly is not conducive for when you suddenly get the urge to make something. I could make so many more things!

  151. Elizabeth says:

    Tweeted it!

  152. Meagan says:

    I am trying to incorporate more healthy foods into my diet and this would be great because my budget is tight and Whole Foods is expensive!

  153. Meagan says:

    Tweeted! @vivalameaganx3

  154. Michelle L. says:

    With the new year I realized I’d been giving myself too many passes on not eating healthy. I need to rehaul my diet with fresh and natural and organic foods like I find at Whole Foods– healthy choices that aren’t bland or boring. I need the quinoa, the flaxseed, the double-strained yogurt, the bursting-with-flavor produce, the… well, just about everything.

  155. Teresa says:

    Our landlord was foreclosed on in January … we moved our co-op house on two weeks notice in sixty inches of snow … and now we need to stock the cupboards of our new place!

  156. Kristin says:

    After living in California with a whole foods and moving to Alabama where there is no whole foods I’m dying for healthy and inexpensive eating again. Everything at our rural Publix or Winn Dixie is just rotten and I miss Whole Foods

  157. Shannon says:

    i have a pretty good pantry, but the last few times i’ve cooked, I realized i’ve been missing one thing after i got started! this would be a great way to restock πŸ™‚

  158. Shannon says:

    tweeted πŸ˜‰ @tri2cook

  159. Lesa says:

    Matt and I have been going to Whole Foods quite frequently lately after transitioning into the vegan lifestyle (him more than me)….which started with the Engine 2 book shown in the Whole Foods photo in your blog!!! We have enjoyed learning about Almond milk, Bragg’s liquid aminos, tamari, and nutritional yeast among many others. Who knew you lentils and quinoa could be used for so much more than salads and soups?? Quinoa makes a great stuffed pepper recipe with cinnamon (from Whole Foods website)! Anyways, things we never knew about before as well as those that we rarely used have now become staples in each of our heart healthy pantries. I also have started using the OXO Good Grips Pop Containers to hold bulk items (flours, pasta, rice, bulgar, etc) which are air tight, BPA free, and stack wonderfully in my pantry. You should look into them!!!! They will make your pantry that much more exciting! Anyways, this giveaway is everything we use with our change to a healthier lifestyle andit would replenish our stock. With my love of cooking it is so nice to have everything at my fingertips right when I want to prepare a delicious meal!

  160. Bethany @ More Fruit Please says:

    There are so many healthy foods out there that I’ve yet to try, so winning a whole pantry’s worth would be wonderful!

  161. Julie Schilling says:

    I hope to win because I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and because i’m feeding picky eaters, things are not getting better…it’s a diabetes control plateau and I need this pantry to get my family into eating healther, with foods that digest in a more healthy way, so I won’t eat processed foods. I want to live a long time. Thanks for doing this!

  162. Jessica says:

    I NEED this!! My fiance and I are trying to eat healthier, but my pantry is never well-stocked enough for me to come up with healthy meals and snacks without a run to the grocery store. So when I’m at home all day and am too lazy (and it’s too cold!) to run out to get something, I always just eat whatever is easiest. And it isn’t usually a healthy choice. We have a fairly well-stocked spice cabinet and items used for baking, but we definitely need to revamp the rest of our pantry.

    Great giveaway!

  163. Susan says:

    i’m pregnant! i need to be eating healthier!

  164. Andrea says:

    I would love to win this. Love Whole Foods but the store is just far enough away that I don’t make it there enough.

  165. Rachel says:

    My fiance and I just moved into a new place; we’re trying to eat healthy, and a well-stocked pantry would be totally helpful!

  166. Kalen says:

    I need this makeover because I am starting over in many ways. I was a good healthy eater until my father passed away last year and I started to fall into unhealthy habits. I made a promise to myself to get back on track knowing it help me feel better on all levels. Now I am at a new job in a new city and need help with this first step!

  167. Casey says:

    Between 7 classes and 2 jobs, it’s hard to stay stocked with food period, much less healthy food. Having this awesome “starter kit” would not only be a great way to get me started on the right track, but also help to keep me inspired to eat healthier in the future.

  168. Michelle lee says:

    I’m moving into my boyfriends apartment and he has nothing!! winning this would be a great start!

  169. Meghan says:

    I barely have anything in my pantry. This would be amazing to get started!

  170. erica says:

    Because I’m making an effort to eat healthier, and *planning* for healthy meals is the only way to make that consistently happen.

  171. Cya says:

    While I was in college I stayed pretty active and “relatively” healthy in the way I ate. Once I graduated, I ended up making a lot of bad food choices (and added quite a few pounds on). This food pantry restock would be a great support for my “healthy choices-healthy changes” program this year. I decided it was high time I get back to working out (I’m walking and 8k for St. Patty’s Day) and eatting healthier by cooking and bring my own meals to work for lunch. It’s so much easier to cook at home with a variety of items stocked in your pantry. Thanks for the informative post.

  172. Michele says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with groceries. I never know where to start with the basics, so this would be a nice start!

  173. Jessicaisbaking says:

    I’m doing well with this but would love a boost!

  174. Jessica says:

    As I work my 16 hr shift that is my part time job, I just so happened to be working on my list of food staples this afternoon! Since I work weekends I like to take a moment to regroup for the new week.

    This giveaway would be oh so perfect for me!!! Many of my staple items I was going to buy at Whole Foods anyhow. I love little serendipitous moments in the blogosphere πŸ™‚

    I’ve been dying to recreate Au Bon Pain’s Tuscan White Bean (vegan) soup!

  175. Jessica says:

    Tweeted @jessicaeder πŸ™‚ Just spreading the love.

  176. Susan says:

    Wow, that is one well-stocked pantry you have! All of us need to eat healtier and Whole Foods has some of the best natural and organic things. Eating healthier foods can be a challenge since many of them are most expensive the the high fat, high carb things. It would be great to stock a pantry with healthy choices.

  177. Lindsay says:

    I dont live too close to a whole foods, but I try to get there a couple of times a year. Maybe once every two months! I love their product, but I would love to be able to buy more without worrying about the bill! I hope I win! πŸ™‚

  178. Carolyn says:

    Im a working mom going green and this would really help me stock up on healthy goodies for the kiddos!

  179. Chris says:

    Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many comments on a post before!

    I used to live in Louisiana and had a Whole Foods by my office and another by my apartment, so I shopped there all the time. Now that I’m living in Central NY, the closest Whole Foods is in MA, over 150 miles away! πŸ™

    I already use a number of the products listed and am trying to incorporate them into our diet more often – quinoa, barley, beans, steel-cut oats, etc. What really piques my curiosity (as a semi-new food blogger AND someone trying to eat healthier), are the offerings of different milks, raw nuts, un-sulfured dried fruits, and aminos, all of which would be new to me.

    Since we don’t have one locally, it would also give me an excuse to blog about Whole Foods. Hope we get one SOOOOOOONNNN!!!!

  180. Chris says:

    Oh, by the way, I don’t have a Twitter account, but I DO have Facebook, so I’m posting a link on my personal page AND the page for my blog. πŸ™‚

  181. Lsa says:

    I was just reading another blog on how what steps to take toward a healthy lifestyle. Winning even half of something like this would set me in the right direction.

  182. Even though I don’t technically have a pantry, I would love to stock it with all that lovely food!

  183. Katrina says:

    Thank you for offering this! I totally believe in this whole way of life and practice it as much as I can! One of my favorite things to keep in my pantry is the organic popcorn from the big bins at Whole Foods. I put some coconut oil in my popcorn maker, pour some popcorn in and — yum — instant snack that takes up minimal space in the pantry.

    We could really use a refueling of our pantry now as we are saving our money to adopt a child (perhaps 2!) from Ethiopia, so every dollar/penny counts!

    Thanks again for having these! They are such fun!

  184. Adj (Tattoos & Champagne) says:

    Phenomenal contest, ladies! Honestly, I could use the makeover for 2 reasons: (1) my hubby is at the point where his diet is the one thing I can influence to help with his health, and (2) we’re hoping to start adding to family line next year (if you know what I mean). I’d like to start that kid off on a good note!

  185. Lauren B says:

    I would loooove to win this because being or at least making my best effort to be healthy is so important! I have a almost two yr old daughter and we try to set the best example for her by feeding her healthy food and eating it as well. We are on a budget so buying lots of healthy groceries is our goal but not always posdible,so winning this would be soo inspiring and wonderful!!

  186. Abby says:

    As both a Massachusetts public school teacher (upcoming MCAS = major stress!) and a recently-engaged bride (as of one week ago!) I have a lot of reasons to start taking care of myself. I would love to win in order to start doing this through diet! Thanks for the giveaway!

  187. OH my gosh I’d be delighted to win this giveaway! Right now, my fiance and I live with his family. I feel lucky to get along with them as well as I do, and I know I’ll never dread a visit from my in-laws. The only thing that’s really been hard for me is the food situation in this household. We’re all busy and they’re very routine – Mac and Cheese Mondays, Tacos on Tuesday, etc etc and Pizza every Friday. Everytime I have the opportunity to prepare something different for them I take it – and when I tell them it’s healthy they’re even that much more impressed! I’d love to be able to have a well stocked pantry to continue to surprise them!

  188. Donna says:

    This would be a blessing to win. TImes are tight and I often struggle with how to best feed my family healthy and tasty food. Thank you for this giveaway! Your blog is an inspiration, thanks!

  189. beth says:

    Adam and I could definitely use help stocking up our cabinets. Each of us has lost about 15 pounds since Christmas so our cabinets are currently stocked with healthy items. But, with both of us back to school, me working full time, Adam working more than full time, plus going to the gym…. finding time to head to the grocery store is tough! This give away could sure help our weight loss momentum!

  190. Jacquie Kush says:

    My husband and I got married in September and have gained weight ever since. We are working together to lose weight and learn to cook wholesome meals at home. This would go a long way toward helping us reach our goal.

  191. Janel says:

    I truly believe a well-stocked pantry is the only way to be able to make meals in a pinch. This spring is going to be especially busy for us so I’d love some more pantry-staples to make meals when time is tight and we don’t get grocery shopping much.

  192. Julie says:

    I could seriously use some help in the pantry/fridge department.
    Sometimes buying healthy seems overwhelming and I always want to but get distracted buy things in pretty packaging! And look its cheaper!! Oye.
    Working as much as I do (2 jobs) it makes it really hard when you don’t have the right ingredients in your pantry. So pick me! Help me make some life changes!!


  193. RobinJ says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! Over the last year I’ve lost 50 pounds making small healthy lifestyle changes (i.e. incorporating foods like these into my diet). I admit I was here getting the peanut butter toffee cookie recipe. Everything in moderation, right? And if I use whole wheat flour, even better. Anyway, after being snowed in for a few weeks my pantry shelves are nearly bare, so the timing is perfect. We don’t have a Whole Foods near, but I love their website for recipes, information, and inspiration. Thanks again!

  194. Jenna says:

    Having the chance to win a pantry makeover from Whole Foods is a dream come true. I have been struggling to eat a healthy, balanced diet and change my eating habits for like, but I have had so much trouble! I am never able to make healthy meals, part of my new years resolution, because I never have what I need! Instead, I end up eating something that makes me feel bad, and is not good for me! It would be great to get a jump start on making healthy life changes!! πŸ™‚

  195. Julie says:

    I would love to win this! As a working mom of a 6 mos old and a 2 year old, I am always looking for ways to make healthy meals for myself and my kids in a short amount of time. These ingredients would definitely help this effort. Also, we moved across country this summer and there is no whole foods in this area! Such a bummer. Thanks so much!

  196. Ang says:

    I need this because there is not a Whole Foods within 45 minutes of my house (Westport,MA) and I miss it so much!

  197. Melissa says:

    I need this so I can learn to cook!

  198. Gena @ A Bluebonnet in Beantown says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! I try as much as possible to cook with whole foods and not use processed foods. As a busy mom, it can be difficult. I’d love to give my pantry a little extra help.

  199. Glynise says:

    To begin,I love whole foods!! I live an hour away from the nearest Whole Foods, and I just spent this whole weekend (SAT. & SUN.) at Whole Foods.!! It was such a good experience I couldn’t wait to go again! A girlfriend & I shopped, had lunch, then shopped some more. We made a day of it,.. each day.
    Keep in mind, I lost 32 pounds and feel great, trying to eat healthy. I don’t cook much, as I don’t really know how,, and spices cost so much..so my main thought upon entering the store was protein, raw veggies, and fruit…basics..that’s what I can afford,that’s all I ever buy, and cat food. It is costly to do anymore than that.
    I am a self employed artist, so I need to watch my pennies. My pantry contains the following items, only & always($$ & putting it together); cat food, melba toast, yogi tea, boullion. Fridge has raw veggies and always a fresh protein.That’s it.
    But what fun I had! Shopped a bit, ate lunch(so many choices & options), finally settling on a plain chicken breast and lettuce as I didn’t know what to put together to keep it healthy.
    The rest of the afternoon we continued shopping, taking it all in..The lotions! Hair care!Pet supplies, nuts!..THE BAKERY!! Yummers!
    So many options and so many things to try…It’s all right there…and vitamins, I would love vitamins, but how do you know what to take..p,s. staff is extremely helpful, but it does get costly., which is why I would like your help in creating a pantry that would enhance a healthy lifestyle. Thank You! Enjoyed the store, helpful staff, and all the variety. Great experience.

  200. Rachel says:

    I’m a medical student and runner who loves to cook and eat, so healthy eating is very important to me, but unfortunately my budget has left my kitchen poorly stocked. Winning this would be wonderful in changing that!

  201. Jena says:

    We could use a pantry makeover! We’re trying to cut out high fructose corn syrup and lots of other additives in our diet and have pitched out/given away much of our store of “just in case” canned goods!

  202. Carrie says:

    I could definitely use a makeover. Last summer, I moved across the country to begin graduate school, AND – to my chagrin – soon discovered I had to cut out all gluten in my diet. Granted, I had healthy eating habits before getting the news (whole wheat everything, fruits, veggies, lean proteins, you know). But, now that I don’t have the wheat staple (and since so many foods inexplicably contain wheat and/or were processed in wheat-y plants), I’m still trying to figure out how to grocery shop and cook meals without breaking the bank – gluten free food is wicked expensive! – and without spending hours cooking, since I’m supposed to be reading or writing or something. Long story short, it’s been hard to reboot my eating habits and still get all the necessary nutrients, and the current sparse state of my fridge and pantry reflect that – I don’t know what I should be going for. I think this makeover could help me get on the right path to figure that out.

  203. Meghan says:

    I could definitely use this pantry makeover! As someone who is recently trying to eat healthier, I am slowly building up a supply of basics but its too expensive to do all at once! There are tons of new cooking techniques and swaps for healthier ingrediends I would love to try!

  204. Lauren says:

    I could use this pantry makeover because I am trying to get my husband to eat healthie. Right now he eats like a 5 year old: ellios, poptarts & popsicles.

  205. Lauren says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  206. MoodyFoody says:

    I could use a pantry makeover. We almost ran out of our pantry staples during pregnancy and now with a new baby at home, just dont have time to put thought into rebuilding it again. We try to eat healthy home cooked meal as much as we can..this will help us get back on track.

  207. LegallyBrunette says:

    I would love a pantry makeover…am 15 weeks pregnant and have been working to eat healthier and to learn to prepare more nutritious things in ancticipation of cooking for me, my husband, and baby!

  208. LegallyBrunette says:

    I just tweeted about the giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  209. Melissa says:

    I could use the pantry make over because my grocery store of choice.. let’s call it Seller Bob’s… is always out of something essential when I need it! I love Seller Bob’s and its convenience and low prices. But my word is it annoying when they are out of things that a grocery store should never be out of!

  210. kate says:

    Because my current pantry looks like a four year old stocked it (cereal, pretzels, cheese, peanut butter..)..sigh.

  211. mia says:

    We have so much junk in our pantry, it’s not even funny. We even have expired crap in there because we live with my future in-laws, and my MIL REFUSES to throw anything away.

    But that’s another story.

    My fiance and I really need to lose weight so we can look good for the wedding, and this would be a great way to start us off right!

  212. Bridget says:

    My pantry may be pretty “full” but clearly I need the make-over because so many times I just stare into it and have “nothing” to eat!! I want to be better at throwing a dinner together with things I already have! I think this would help us bring our grocery bills down!

  213. Elizabeth says:

    My pantry is also really full most of the time, but I use it as a working mom to make quick meals for my family! Healthy eating habits start early and this would be huge to continue on the path that we’re on!

  214. Robin W. says:

    I could really use this pantry makeover!! My son just moved out and now I’m only cooking for 2 – and we are going a bit healthier. I would like to clean it all out and start over!!!!

  215. Sassy Molassy says:

    Holy moly, girl! You have a ton o chocolate chips in there. I guess it can’t hurt to have them on hand…just in case. πŸ™‚

    This food all looks awesome. I tend to have fresh veggies and such but I need to be better about stocking a variety of beans/rice and healthy snacks. I hate going to work and not having anything good for me to munch on.

  216. Heather says:

    I could use a pantry makeover because I have been trying to eat healthier and cook at home more often instead of relying on takeout or prepared meals.

  217. Sarah says:

    All I seem to have in my pantry is pasta – at least it’s whole wheat, but HELP me!

  218. Elise says:

    Wow! That is an awesome give away. I’ve been working on my new years resolution of getting healthy. So far I’ve lost 10 pounds! I also am really working on eating organically, but it gets so expensive to stock your pantry! I would love a helping hand, since I normally wouldn’t be able to afford to stock my pantry with all the amazing Whole Foods pantry staples. As a young, newly married couple, we’re still struggling to get on our feet and get healthy! So we’d love some extra help. Hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

  219. Valerie @ Cupcakes & the City says:

    I need to be well-stocked so I don’t always default to eating out because I “don’t have any food.” It’s becoming an unhealthy and expensive habit!!!

  220. Looks great. We sometimes get into a debate on whether to have any red sauce or not. I usually lose and this will only further hurt my argument.

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