Wilton Sweet Up Giveaway (new Wilton products!)

Wilton Sweet Up

It’s the sweetest time of the year! Next week, I’ll be headed to Wilton’s Sweet Up in the Chicago suburbs for the second year in a row. Last year, I had an absolutely amazing experience, touring Wilton headquarters, learning cake and cookie decorating from some of the best, meeting fabulous bloggers, shopping my face off at the Wilton company store, and learning about the new products Wilton will be releasing during year.

Wilton Sweet Up 21

This year, I actually already know about Wilton’s new product releases. In fact, I’ve had the opportunity to play around with many of them in the kitchen already. So, I’m pretty excited to see the Wilton pros show them off next week. I’m also pretty excited that you guys have the chance to win all of them, too! Wilton is letting me give a swag bag to one of my lucky readers. Not will the lucky winner get a Sweet Up swag bag (with new products AND some other fun stuff), but you’ll get to take a Wilton Method class on the Craftsy website.


If you want to win this fabulous swag bag and Craftsy class, simply:

1) Comment on this post letting me know your favorite Wilton product (baking pans, icing tips, cupcake liners, etc.)! Use the #WiltonSweetUp hashtag in your comment.

2) Follow Wilton on Instagram and/or “like” them on Facebook.

Enter by Tuesday, April 21, at 11:59 p.m. EST for a chance to win (must be 18+ and a U.S. resident)!

Of course, I’ll also be documenting my fun at Wilton next week, so be sure to follow me (as well as the #WiltonSweetUp hashtag) on Twitter and Instagram! Can’t wait to report back 🙂

Good luck!!

48 Responses to "Wilton Sweet Up Giveaway (new Wilton products!)"

  1. Michaela Jergensen says:

    I love the Wilton gel colors, I used to love baking with my aunt and I remember always insisting that we color all our frosting with them.

    I also “liked” them on facebook.

    Can’t wait to see what you make this year. I loved the stuff you created last year.

  2. Marcie says:

    Love their baking pans!

  3. Marcie says:

    Facebook liked

  4. Justine says:

    I love all Wilton! Especially their pans and icing supplies for cake decorating! #wiltonsweetup

  5. Erica says:

    Have so much fun! I’ll be excited for your post! LOVE their candy melts #WiltonSweetUp

  6. Sarah says:

    Love Wilton gel colors! #WiltonSweetUp

  7. kimz says:

    Their pans! Oh, I love the variety they offer! Sure, let’s make a cake shaped like a car! Why? BECAUSE I CAN!! #WiltonSweetUp

  8. Joyce says:

    I love everything Wilton has for cupcake decoration, particularly their icing bags/tips, cupcake liners and sprinkles for every holiday! #wiltonsweetup

  9. Ashley says:

    I love the trim and turn caddy. Decorate and take right with you. I’m clumsy and need it to be all in one product to get it to where I’m going.

  10. Monica Lavoie says:

    I like the Flower Stackable Cookie Cutter Set. Thanks! #WiltonSweetUp

  11. Denise M says:

    I love their baking pans and the icing spatula #WiltonSweetUp
    I like on instagram

  12. Sarah L says:

    I love their springform pans. My mom and I used them to make a cake for my sister’s wedding and the pans worked so well! I haven’t tried their decorating tips, but I’d love to! #WiltonSweetUp

  13. What’s NOT to love about Wilton?!? The liners, sprinkles, pans, piping tips, cake stands, you name it! LOVE them!!

  14. WHOOPS … What’s NOT to love about Wilton?!? The liners, sprinkles, pans, piping tips, cake stands, you name it! LOVE them!! #WiltonSweetUp

  15. I follow Wilton on Facebook via my personal page and my blog page … so I don’t miss anything. 😉 #WiltonSweetUp

  16. Beth says:

    I swear by their frosting tips

  17. Kylie W says:

    I love the baking pans, cupcake liners, sprinkles – I honestly haven’t found a Wilton product that I don’t love!

  18. Martha says:

    I love Wilton cake pans,and the candy molds.They make wonderful products for everyone that bakes and wants to make yummy things for grandchildren,children,etc.Also their magazine is full of idea’s and recipes,with instructions anyone can understand! Thanx Wilton,love your products .

  19. Emily says:

    I would love the silicone brownie baking molds!

  20. Patty says:

    I love the electric pot to melt the candy melts. So much better than using the microwave. #WiltonSweetUp

  21. Lucy says:

    Cupcake liners and baking tins

  22. Lily Lau says:

    Woah, you’ve just discovered all these amazing products to me! Need to take a look 🙂

  23. latanya says:

    I like their cake pan set #WiltonSweetUp

  24. latanya says:

    I follow Wilton on instagram @sweetums82

  25. Tanya C. says:

    I love their baking pans and all their fun decorations #WiltonSweetUp

  26. I follow on IG and like on FB

  27. Laura O. says:

    Wilton Candy Melts Melting Pot. #WiltonSweetUp

  28. Rebecca says:

    Cupcake liners and frosting piping stuff

  29. Joanne says:

    GAAHHH so much fun. I’m all about the Wilton icing tips and cupcake liners!!

  30. Emily says:

    I love the decorative Wilton products for parties and holidays.

  31. Lisa L says:

    I love the Wilton 3D train cake pan I bought and used to make my son’s birthday cake! Super fun to decorate and he was so excited. Oh and that quick release baking spray. It’s amazing! #WiltonSweetUp

  32. Emily Smith says:

    I love my Wilton cupcake pans! #WiltonSweetUp

  33. Emily Smith says:

    I follow Wilton on Instagram and Facebook

  34. Brenda Haines says:

    I love the Wilton candy molds. The kids love birthday parties with chocolate butterflies,frogs and bugs 🙂

  35. Carla S says:

    I like their nonstick cookie sheets the most.

  36. Carla S says:

    I follow Wilton and you on instagram with the username shroomfrog.

  37. Jamie says:

    I love their icing tips and gel colors. #wiltonsweetup

  38. Katie says:

    Love their cupcake liners! So many cute colors and patterns. #WiltonSweetUp Also followed on Insta/liked on FB!

  39. Odetta says:

    Nice giveaway! I like Wilton’s gel colors for icing! #WiltonSweetUp

  40. Audrey Fletcher says:

    Love the cake pans!

  41. Michelle J. says:

    I love their treat bags (for suckers, dipped pretzels, etc.)!

  42. Michelle J. says:

    I like Wilton on Facebook!

  43. pj says:

    #WiltonSweetUp , Love the little new foam bits that can prop up the fondant.

  44. af1123 says:

    I love it all! 🙂 I think the Trim & Turn cake caddy/turntable is one of my favorites though! #WiltonSweetUp

  45. stephanie says:

    I love Wilton silicone baking molds and gel colors! Great giveaway!

  46. Shay says:

    I love the Silicone Spatulas and how durable they are

  47. Terese Marschner says:

    They have amazing products, my daughters enjoy using them also.

    We enjoy trying new ideas with their great products

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