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  1. […] This tendency towards the ridiculous has followed me into the kitchen on several occasions. I’ve set three microwaves on fire (Sorry, mom.) and cut my finger almost to the bone cutting an avocado in my palm (Sorry, people who don’t do gore). I’ve made oatmeal raisin cookies sans raisins (Sorry, Erin.) and cakes that would make Martha Stewart fall over and die of disgust (Sorry, Chels and Sues.). […]

  2. I’m really so happy you had such a great year! Those nephews of yours are just so adorable. I’m still sad that we missed each other in Napa but maybe some time we will meet in person on the east coast:)

  3. Tom says:

    Hi Sues
    Gave the blueberry drink a try annnnnd it was awesome!

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