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Blog Partnerships:

Take a look at the links below to see some of my favorite blog partnerships! Be sure to also check out my Instagram feed and Facebook page to see how I help promote brands on social media.

Hood Cream Partnership (May 2018, September 2018, November 2018, + December 2018)

Hood Sour Cream Partnership (June 2018, August 2018,

Hood Eggnog Partnership (November 2018 + December 2018)

Morton Salt Partnership (December 2017, February 2018 + August 2018)

Heluva Good! Sponsored Post (August 2018)

BJ’S Wholesale Club Sponsored Post (April 2018)

Patron Tequila Sponsored Post (February 2018)

McKenzie Artisan Deli Sponsored Posts (January 2018, July 2018, August 2018, + October 2018)

Sugardale Foods (September 2018)

Al Fresco Chicken Sausage Sponsored Post (July 2018)

Febreze Sponsored Post (April 2018)

NFL Partnership (January 2017)

Gloria Ferrer Partnership (August 2017 and September 2017)

Mija Sangria Sponsored Post (August 2017 + December 2018)

Eggland’s Best Sponsored Posts (September 2017, September 2017March 2017March 2016, March 2018, + August 2018)

Harborview Hotel (Martha’s Vineyard) Partnership + Travel: (November 2016 + March 2017)

DairyPure Sponsored Post

Peapod Sponsored Posts (December 2016 and February 2017)

Basin Harbor Club Sponsored Post + Travel (July 2016)

Superior Farms Partnership + Travel (July 2016, July 2016, and October 2016)

BAILEYS Coffee Creamers Sponsored Post (September 2015)

TAZO Tea Sponsored Post (December 2015)

Wilton Partership (2014 and 2015)


Travel Guides:

Take a look below to see some of the travel guides I’ve written on We are not Martha. Some have been sponsored posts and some of been me simply writing about my travels and favorite spots!

7 Things to Do in Maui, Hawaii (April 2018)

9 Things to Do on the Big Island of Hawaii (March 2018)

Martha’s Vineyard Travel (Sponsored- November 2016 and March 2017)

Where to Eat and Drink in San Francisco (October 2016)

Visiting Breweries in Middlebury, Vermont (September 2016)

10 Reasons You Need to Visit Basin Harbor Club in Vergennes, Vermont (Sponsored-July 2016)

St. Maarten Relaxation and Best Restaurants (April 2016)

Superior Farms Pasteur Tour in Northern California (Sponsored- July 2016 and July 2016)

Summer Traveling: Ogunquit, Maine, and Chautauqua, New York (July 2013)

Las Vegas Vacation (May 2013)

Weekend in Portland, Maine (November 2012)

Honeymoon in Los Cabos, Mexico (June 2012 and July 2012)

Greetings from Lake Chautauqua (July 2011)


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