Pumpkin Toffee Gingersnaps

Pumpkin Toffee Gingersnaps

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I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t make enough cookies. What exactly is the definition of enough cookies? Well, I’m not even sure that definition exists and if it does, it shouldn’t. But my point is that there are SO many cookies in this world and I am not spending enough time focusing on them.

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Take these gingersnaps [check out the recipe in my new post on Parade magazine!] for example. A classic cookie. But I boosted these up a little bit more with pumpkin and toffee. When you start to think about putting things like pumpkin and toffee into gingersnaps, your mind becomes boggled with all of the glorious combinations you could come up with.

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I could probably bake a different cookie every day for the rest of my life and never get bored of it. I might not be able to fit in any of my clothing and you might get sick of seeing my whisk flour and baking soda and cream butter and sugar together, but I’d probably be quite happy.


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But since time and butter are of the essence, I started the holiday season off with these Pumpkin Toffee Gingersnaps. I love nothing more than a super soft gingersnap. That’s actually not true. Because I do love a super soft gingersnap with pumpkin and toffee more. But I didn’t know that until I made these cookies and fell in love.

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Chris says they’re the best cookies I’ve ever made. I’m still trying to decide if I like these better or the Buttered Popcorn Toffee Cookies I made. Maybe the moral of the story is that I love toffee. And butter.

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In any case, I think it’s pretty essential that you whip up at least one batch of these this season. You must be going to a cookie swap or something, right? Or just want to make your family really, really happy?

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Ginger is good for you, right? That’s what I thought.

Be sure to check out my recipe for Pumpkin Toffee Gingersnaps on the Parade magazine website! I absolutely cannot wait to make these again. And again. And again. And again. I hope you will, too!

Oh, and on Friday? I might have a fun drink that kinda sorta goes along with these cookies perfectly!

Are you a gingersnap fan?


17 Responses to "Pumpkin Toffee Gingersnaps"

  1. Bookmarking these beauties! Love how you jazzed up an ordinary gingersnap.

  2. Megan says:

    Gingersnaps are delicious and these look especially good! I love cookies, but I’d be more likely to make different tartlets every day!

  3. I love gingersnaps, pumpkin, and toffee!!! These cookies have so many wonderful flavors combined into one! I need to try these!

  4. Erica says:

    I love gingersnaps!! I agree- I could bake cookies every darn day. So delicious and SO many varieties. Nom nom

  5. Tara says:

    Love the presentation! That would be a wonderful way to give gifts out. I never made my own gingersnaps but this might be the year I start!

  6. Gia Grossman says:

    These are so lovely all tied up like the perfect [delicious] gift!

  7. what fun cookies! checking out the recipe now 🙂

  8. Debra says:

    I love gingersnaps and I love pumpkin! Glorious! I only wish it weren’t so late at night already or I’d be in the kitchen whipping up a batch! Yum!

  9. I love this flavour!! Ginger and toffee are fabulous together, but the pumpkin totally makes these!!

  10. Joanne says:

    Ginger, toffee, and pumpkin are a trio of awesomeness. And I want them in my belly in cookie form. ASAP.

  11. bellini says:

    With the pumpkin and the toffee these sounds delicious. My dad always made gingersnaps when we were kids. A family favourite.

  12. I love gingersnaps but I especially love it with pumpkin! These sound like great cookies!

  13. These cookies sound like the perfect trifecta of goodness.

  14. Congratulations on the magazine feature!

  15. Monet says:

    What a great way to make gingersnaps even better! Thank you for sharing. A delicious end to a long Thursday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Barbara says:

    Oh yes, I love ginger snaps! What a super recipe, Sues. Great combo…I’ve copied it!

  17. Okay, this sounds like one BOMB cookie! All those flavors together sound amazing. I definitely need to try these!

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