Caesar Salad Pasta

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I suddenly realized I’ve posted about a million desserts on the blog in a row. And I got nervous that you are all sitting at home thinking “Dang, does that girl do anything but eat frosting and butter?” The answer is that yes, I do a few things that don’t involve eating frosting and butter. But not many. And most of those involve candy melts, anyway. Oops.

But today I posted an actual dinner recipe over at Parade Magazine’s website. It involves pasta and Caesar salad dressing, so clearly I’m easing into things over here.

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But it also has a healthy dose of spinach and tomatoes, so I’ll give myself some credit for that. And maybe a pat on the back. Annnd maybe a milkshake, too. Shush.

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Don’t you hate it when you’re out to eat and they ask if you want the Caesar salad or the garden salad? Because obviously you want the Caesar salad. The Caesar salad is basically lettuce with rich creamy dressing, topped with fried bread and cheese. You’re crazy if you don’t want it. But you also just ordered a heavy pasta/pizza/insert super high-calorie dish here. And you know you should get a garden salad with lots of veggies and a low-fat vinaigrette. Ugh.

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Please do not ask me to make this decision.

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I’m not really sure the point of that rant because basically what I did here was take a Caesar salad and combine it with pasta. But again, there are vegetables. You know, like a garden salad. Kind of. Sort of. Maybe? Please just go with me.

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The point is, I made dinner.

If you want to combine the best ever salad with pasta, too, check out my recipe for Caesar Salad Pasta over at Parade Magazine!

Will it be a Caesar salad or garden salad for you?


15 Responses to "Caesar Salad Pasta"

  1. Megan says:

    Nothing wrong with living off butter and frosting, but this salad/pasta looks incredible too!

  2. Joanne says:

    I always want to order the Caesar but never do. I can totally get behind it in pasta salad form though!!

  3. A pasta caesar salad sounds so good!

  4. I love pasta salads this time of year, and this is such a fun spin on typical pasta salads!

  5. Monica says:

    Can’t beat the flavors of caesar salad. Turning it into pasta is even better!

  6. Definitely a caesar! It’s my favorite salad, too!

  7. Danielle says:

    YUM! We have a place here called Cheddar’s that makes a very similar dish – I love it!

  8. what a creative dish! checking it out now 🙂

  9. A caesar salad in the form of pasta sounds absolutely amazing and it looks so delicious.

  10. LisaR. says:

    Love Love Love this dish! A Caesar salad is my go to salad – it looks so delicious. I cant wait to make this one.

  11. Kyle Kucaj says:

    LMAO. I haven’t been to the blog in a while and I am legit laughing out loud. I just read that post out loud to Jeff. Haha. LOVE YOU!

  12. Chantal says:

    I like this healthy salad, it looks so yummy!

  13. Caesar salad was the first salad I liked, and the only salad I liked for many years. Love the idea of it as pasta!

  14. I just had a Caesar salad variation that was very successful. This too looks like a wonderful variation. If I have a choice to order a it I do.

  15. Jen@Twenty-Something&Starving says:

    Oh wow – this looks great!! Actually, I know that my sister in law would OBSESS over this…and now I may use it as a recipe at her bridal shower this summer. Thanks. 😀

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