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Garlicky Green Guacamole (and a Crisp giveaway!)


There are few things in this world more disappointing than a bad guacamole. To be clear, I think it’s pretty tough to even make a bad guacamole. After all, avocados are simply amazing on their own. And turning them into a delicious guacamole really doesn’t take much. A little mashing, a little citrus, and a little spice. Done and done. But we’ve all had that guacamole that is ridiculously pureed and bland and barely even tastes like avocado. Allegedly, some people/places mix sour cream into their mashed avocado… And while I think that practice is OK, some just have the acceptable ratio all wrong.

However, you should know that I’m not at all anti- adding ingredients to guacamole. But I believe that the added ingredients should enhance the avocado; not drown it out. Garlic always works. And in this recipe, I not only added plenty of that, but also a whole bunch of greens in the form of parsley, chives, and kale.

Life is too short for bad guacamole. And I think it should be your New Year’s resolution to eat your greens in the form of guacamole at least once a week. Are you in?

Just a little side note… I’m trying something a little new with my recipes as we move into 2015. While I love going through each post and writing step-by-step instructions on how I create my recipes, I also acknowledge that most people don’t want to scroll through my whole blog post to follow a recipe if they’re actually setting out to make it (which I hope you are!). And I’ve had this super pretty recipe plug-in that makes it easy to view and print every recipe I create. So, while I’ll still go through and describe how I create each recipe, I’m not going to re-list my ingredients (though I’ll often still have my ingredient shots!) and may not share every single detail throughout the post. You’ll still be able to see all that at the end of every post… And easily print it, too. If I find this isn’t working or people hate it, I will most definitely reassess. New year, new you! Er, me.


This guac is super easy to make, but I also have a few kitchen tools that made it even easier! Crisp sent me their Avocado Tool, Herb Mincer, and Straight Paring Knife to use in my recipe creation (and you have a chance to win them at the end of this post!). I’m thrilled to add these pretty kitchen tools to my collection.

Crisp_Tools_CollageOn that note, does anybody want to build me a few more kitchen drawers?? Please?


The Avocado Tool has everything you need to split, pit, and slice up avocado.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Pretty awesome!

The Straight Paring Knife is perfect for chopping up all that garlic that gives guac its kick.


I like to leave the garlic at a fine chop.


But out go all the tools, I think the Herb Mincer is my favorite. It took me two seconds to finely mince a big bunch of parsley.


And some chives.


I wasn’t sure if it would work… But the Herb Mincer even chopped kale with no problem at all. Hooray!


I put my avocado slices in a bowl, drizzled them with the lime juice and the garlic and mashed them up a bit. I like a chunky guacamole and definitely don’t want it all pureed and smooth.

Then, I mixed in all the herbs and the red pepper flakes. And added in a little salt.


Green, green, and more green!


I served the guacamole with whole grain tortilla chips, which I actually think are sooo much more delicious than the regular white ones. It is quite possible that there’s simply more salt on them. Oh well.


I also add a couple lime slices for garnish. Because a) more green! and b) You may need to squeeze a bit more citrus on top from time to time if you’re planning to leave this out for munching.


I’m 100% serious when I say that I could eat guacamole every day for the rest of my life and be totally happy. It definitely ranks way, way up there as one of my all-time favorite foods.


And I think it’s perfect for that transition from the holidays to the new year, when you’re starting to think about eating cleaner and healthier, but aren’t quite ready to give up on all of the indulgences.


You’ll feel like you’re still very much pigging out. But you’ll also be getting all kinds of healthy fats. And parsley and lime juice are great ways to fight off an impending cold. Plus, this guacamole has kale in it. And kale obviously equals health, right??


Garlicky Green Guacamole. Also known as happiness in a bowl.


Want to make your own Garlicky Green Guacamole the super easy way? I’m giving away each of the Crisp tools you see in this post: the Avocado Tool, Herb Mincer, and Straight Paring Knife. All you have to do is comment on this post letting me know:

Do you like your guacamole smooth or chunky?

Also… Can we come up with a better word for chunky, please?

Comment by Friday, January 2, at 11:59 p.m. for a chance to win!

That reminds me… I didn’t announce the winner from my last Crisp giveaway! So let’s do that now 🙂 Congratulations to Lauren who said, “I would cut ALL THE THINGS for baby Jude!” I’ll email you ASAP!



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Garlicky Green Guacamole
A classic tortilla chip dip made even more delicious with the addition of extra garlic and plenty of greens.
Course: Appetizer
Servings: 8
Author: We are not Martha
  • 4 avocados
  • 2 T freshly squeezed lime juice plus lime slices for garnish
  • 2 cloves garlic peeled and finely chopped
  • 3/4 C parsley leaves minced
  • 10 chives minced
  • 2 C kale leaves minced
  • 1 t red pepper flakes
  • Salt to taste
  • Tortilla chips for serving
  1. Slice avocados in half, remove pits, and scoop flesh into a large bowl.
  2. Drizzle lime juice and chopped garlic over avocado.
  3. Using a potato masher, gently mash avocado until it's at your desired consistency.
  4. Stir minced parsley, chives, kale leaves, and red pepper flakes into the bowl.
  5. Add salt to taste.
  6. Serve with tortilla chips and lime slices as garnish.



Full disclosure: This post was sponsored by Crisp, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own!

50 Responses to "Garlicky Green Guacamole (and a Crisp giveaway!)"

  1. Marcie says:

    I love guac, delish with warm tortilla chips!

  2. Shannon says:

    I like my guacamole on the chunky side. And I agree, I would happily eat it every day if given the chance!

  3. jan says:

    Chubby is a good word! I love guac!

  4. Guacamole is hands down my favorite appetizer/dip. I love how you jazzed up this classic dish, sounds fantastic! Such a wonderful appetizer for New Years!

  5. Angie says:

    I loove guacamole, and it has to be chunky for me. Those tools look awesome.

  6. Monica says:

    The more garlic the better. Guac is always a winner.

  7. Odetta says:

    So green and pretty! I like chunky.. No better word!

  8. Mandy says:

    I’m an in-between kind of girl, myself.

  9. Betty says:

    I’m equal opportunity when it comes to guacamole- I like it any way! 🙂

  10. Sarah L says:

    I like my guacamole either smooth or chunky, but my preference is for chunky guacamole. That herb mincer looks especially wonderful.

  11. I prefer mine smooth. And I agree, the avocado taste must still be front and centre 🙂

  12. Carol says:

    Love it chunky!

  13. Amanda says:

    i love the recipe at the bottom- looks great;) Also would love the tools- the green matches my kitchen:)

  14. Joanne says:

    Yay for good guac! I feel like all the greens in this are really just an excuse to eat it for breakfast. WIN.

  15. LisaR. says:

    I LOVE avocado and chunky Guacamole all day long! Tastes great when you taste every ingredient in one bite. Fyi eating avocado produces silky healthy hair! 🙂

  16. I mean I can not explain how much I love this guac. I am a guac fan and it looks like the most amazing guac ever! Love love Love it!

  17. Daisy says:

    i like it chunky 🙂

    I agree, i could eat guac – or something avocado focused every day and never tire of it!

  18. Chunky for sure! I’m with ya on being able to eat guac everyday with zero complaints. Love that you added kale to this. Amps up the healthy!

  19. I prefer chunky gauc, but I’ll eat it any way I can…..

  20. KAREN says:

    Oohh this guacamole looks amazing, I love how you added the kale and avocado together…genius!!
    I la-la-love my guacamole chunky! That avocado tool is amazing!!! 🙂

  21. Linda Blum says:

    Chopped? Rustic?? Chunky! Call it what you will – it looks devine! Oh, yum.

  22. I just love guacamole. And yours came out beautifully. And I am loving those tools as well. Great post. Happy New Year!

  23. Monica Lavoie says:

    Chunky! Thanks

  24. I really love that you added a good dose of kale in there!! How clever! I think my husband would just die if I had another kitchen tool, but these look so darn handy! 🙂

  25. Rebecca C says:

    Definitely chunky! (Chopped?)

  26. Emily says:

    I’m all about the chunks;)

  27. Hands down at a get together I can be found hovering over the guacamole. I love this version with the extra greens – brilliant! Hope you have a fab New Years!!

  28. I can’t wait to try this guac. I love mine in between chunky and smooth, just a little bit of chunk to it…

  29. melissa says:

    Super chunky! I love tasting all the different kinds of goodness instead of it melding together.

  30. Kristyn says:

    yummy!! I’m def trying this! I like my guac chunky – i call it “loaded guac” with all the extra goodies!

  31. Ok, this crisp kitchen gear looks absolutely amazing!! And you know the way to my heart…guacamole! I am definitely in the chunky guacamole camp! Just can’t get enough of it…ok, now I’m craving some lol!

  32. Erica says:

    I like mine more smooth than chunky!

  33. Leah says:

    I like my guacamole smooth!!

  34. Margot C says:

    I like it chunky with cilantro (I wish I had one of those cutting wheels!) and lemon and some (just few) tomato bits.

  35. Noel says:

    Love it super chunky, absolutely delicious!!!!!

  36. I adore guacamole and make it very frequently for family gatherings. I do like a little bit of chunk in it. You recipe looks so good! It’s definitely making me want some guac!

  37. I like my guac chunky and I’d love a few more drawers too. Happy new year!

  38. Beth says:

    Definitely love it chunky

  39. Itzia says:

    I like it chunky

  40. Carolsue says:

    I like mine chunky and very spicy!

  41. Cecilia Menendez says:

    Definitely chunky. Love the texture.

  42. Hilllary says:

    CHUNKY!!! With lots of red onion and blue cheese crumbles

  43. I can’t stand a fully pureed guacamole, but at the same time, I want some of it to be creamy, so I mash an avocado or two and then dice the rest for texture. LOVE it!! And I’m totally with you on the chips. My favorite are the Tostitos Multi Grain Scoops. Much prefer the multi-grain, and the scoops hold more guac!! 🙂

  44. Doris says:

    I love my guac chunky so I can actually taste the avocado! Thanks

  45. Eric says:

    I prefer smooth guacamole most of the time.

  46. Lu says:

    Definitely love it chunky

  47. Anne says:

    Chunky for sure. And what and healthy additive with kale. I am making it today, when my family comes over. We are always looking for healthy snacks.

  48. I love Guacamole. I don’t care what the consistency is! These tools look great. Really great. I hope I made it for the contest. You didn’t mention which time zone the time was in. I hope I am still in the drawing.

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