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Frozen Pineapple Coconut Margarita

Frozen Pineapple Coconut Margarita -- A frosty summer cocktail with tequila | wearenotmartha.com

Uhh I know a couple weeks ago, I wished for a blizzard. But then the temperatures seriously dropped. To like negative degrees. Not even my fleece-lined leggings could protect me. It’s warmed up a little bit and we’re actually in the midst of a pretty big snow, but at this point, I think I’d rather just have a tropical vacation instead. So much so that I actually stopped in the middle of my work the other day and started looking up how much a tropical vacation would cost right about now.

But since I sadly won’t be heading on one any time soon, I’m just going to have to keep re-creating them at home. It gets a little pricey to continuously turn up the heat, but blankets and sweats don’t quite give you that tropical vacation feel. This drink, however, does. There is no wrong time for pineapple and coconut. No sand necessary.

I’ve been pineapple crazed lately, chopping a large one up every Sunday for green smoothies throughout the week. But I think a tropical cocktail is a much better use for it. Sorry, green smoothies; but you lose this week.

Frozen Pineapple Coconut Margarita Ingredients | wearenotmartha.com

A coconut rim is super fun and pretty… But it also makes cocktails a little awkward to drink. Still… Worth it!

Coconut Rim Glass | wearenotmartha.com

I always use simple syrup to get any coconut, sugar, salt, etc. to stick to the rim of a cocktail glass. And as you probably know by now, I always have at least two jars of simple sugar in my refrigerator (current count: 5).

Coconut Rim Glass | wearenotmartha.com

Like most margaritas, this one is quick and simple. Good thing because you don’t have time to waste at the end of a long, stressful, freezing day. You need a tropical cocktail in hand ASAP!

In a blender, put 2 C ice, 1 C chopped frozen pineapple, 1/2 C light coconut milk, 1/2 C tequila, and 1/4 C triple sec. Blend until smooth.

Frozen Pineapple Coconut Margarita -- A frosty summer cocktail with tequila | wearenotmartha.com

Divide into two coconut rimmed glasses. Stick a straw in it, put a little pineapple garnish on the side, and sprinkle some extra shredded coconut over the top.

Frozen Pineapple Coconut Margarita -- A frosty summer cocktail with tequila | wearenotmartha.com

Crank up the heat, put on some sunglasses, and clothes your eyes. Feel like you’re on a beach? Kind of? Sort of? OK, well this is probably as close as you’re going to get right now if you live in New England.

Frozen Pineapple Coconut Margarita -- A frosty summer cocktail with tequila | wearenotmartha.com

I’m trying to think of the reasons why drinking this on your couch during a snowstorm is better than drinking this while sitting on the beach. The only point I can come up with, though, is that you won’t have sand stuck on you at the end of the day. And sadly, a little sand would be more than worth it for the feel of the hot sun.

Frozen Pineapple Coconut Margarita -- A frosty summer cocktail with tequila | wearenotmartha.com

This is a hybrid of a piña colada and a frozen margarita. After all, the pineapple and coconut make it piña colada-like, while the tequila and triple sec make it margarita-like. Let’s just call it the perfect combination!

Frozen Pineapple Coconut Margarita -- A frosty summer cocktail with tequila | wearenotmartha.com

Don’t drink it too quickly or you’ll totally get a frozen headache. But again, I’m pretty sure it’s worth it. We’ve reached such lows in January that we’re starting to accept a little bit of pain and misery for some tropical happiness.

Frozen Pineapple Coconut Margarita -- A frosty summer cocktail with tequila | wearenotmartha.com

I hope you didn’t put your blender away for the winter! If so, I think it’s time for you to lug it back out and have a little chilly winter weekend tropical cheer!

What tropical location would you most like to be in right now?

At this point, I wouldn’t argue with ANYWHERE with a beach and 80 degree temperatures!


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Frozen Pineapple Coconut Margarita

Course: Drink
Servings: 2
Author: We are not Martha


  • 1/4 C shredded coconut for rim and garnish optional
  • Simple syrup for rim optional
  • 2 C ice
  • 1 C chopped frozen pineapple if using fresh pineapple, chop and then chill in freezer for 1+ hours
  • 1/2 C light coconut milk
  • 1/2 C tequila
  • 1/4 C triple sec


  • If rimming glasses in coconut, place shredded coconut on a plate and lightly brush the rims of the cocktail glasses with simple syrup.
  • Place glasses on plate upside-down and roll gently until rims are coated in coconut.
  • In a blender, put ice, chopped pineapple, light coconut milk, tequila, and triple sec. Blend until smooth.
  • Divide drink into two glasses. Garnish with slice of pineapple and sprinkle with additional shredded coconut if desired.


22 Responses to "Frozen Pineapple Coconut Margarita"

  1. sara says:

    Ooooh, this looks amazing!!! Love it. Definitely need this to bring some tropics to my cold Boston winter!

  2. Betty says:

    Not in New England, but cold enough to want a trip to the beach! They’re calling for snow on Monday so I should probably stock up on pineapple. These look like the perfect cure for winter. 🙂

  3. That’s so funny I’ve been obsessed with pineapple lately too! I live in South Florida and it’s been 85 degree here for the past few weeks but it’s dropping into the 40’s tonight (yay!) so I might have to make this delicious drink ~ Cheers!

  4. Agness says:

    Wow, I love this recipe!!! It’s so easy and the drinks look so fancy! A great idea for a party :D!! Thanks sweetheart <3!!

  5. Probably not nice and definitely a cliché to quote that ol’ saw—-be careful for what you wish for.
    BUT it did inspired a fab drink. I love margaritas—–and anything with coconut.
    Well done.

  6. This margarita sounds like heaven right now! I totally can’t complain about the weather down here in TN, but a tropical vacation would be fabulous. I can come close with this pineapple coconut goodness though!

  7. Even though it’s winter time and I’m currently drinking a giant mug of cocoa, I can’t help but want one of these icy pineapple’y delights!

    PS: Fleece lined leggings?! Wha?! Clearly I’ve been missing out!

  8. Joanne says:

    Well the coconut scattered around looks a little bit like snow, so I say this is appropriate for all seasons! Though I wouldn’t say no to a tropical vacation, either.

  9. Gayle @ Pumpkin 'N Spice says:

    This margarita sounds fantastic! What a fun flavor. And I love the presentation, too! So refreshing!

  10. lena says:

    it’s always hot here in my place, this drink is perfect anytime! Phuket is quite a nice beach destination here in south east asia, but at the moment i am trying to stay away from the sun , im already very dark or tan..:D

  11. Deanna Segrave-Daly says:

    I’m with you – ANYWHERE with a beach + sun + 80 degrees. My favorite beach in the world is the Kona Coast on The Big Island but closer to home Cape May & Wildwood Crest. I gotta to make this this week.

  12. I need this right now. Of course my favorite tropical location is the Philippines!

  13. pineapple + coconut together is SO good. these drinks look fab.

  14. Sues, I love how easy they are to make and that first picture totally wants me to go to on vacation and enjoy these!!

  15. That would be a smash in my house! Looks very refreshing!

  16. Sues says:

    Lena- I’m pretty jealous… Phuket sounds a whole lot better than Boston in a blizzard 🙂

  17. Sues says:

    Deanna- I visited Kona a few years ago and definitely agree… It would be fabulous to be there right now!!

  18. Sues says:

    Joanne- You’re so right about the coconut looking like snow! Though we’d need a whole lot more of it to emulate what we’re getting in Boston and you’re getting in NYC!

  19. I could so use one of these right now! I’m ready for warmer temperatures and I think this could at least help me pretend!

  20. Jan says:

    4 stars
    Oh My!!! How did I miss this, looks soo yummy. Its going to be staple in my house to survive these snow storms !!!!

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