Mini Brussels Sprouts and Pepperoni Flatbreads

Brussels Sprouts and Pepperoni Flatbread

When it comes to ordering pizza, pepperoni is pretty much always my happy choice. I actually don’t really understand the point of cheese pizza. Like, no. However, I’m also thoroughly interested in white pizzas. Which is essentially me saying, “hey, please remove the one healthy aspect of my pizza (tomato sauce) and let me eat my cheese and meat in peace.” Oops.

That’s pretty much what this flatbread is. But I also included the totally seasonal and nutritious sliced brussels sprouts. And now I can feel good about enjoying an entire mini flatbread to myself. If you’re interested in doing the same, I hope you’ll check out my newest post for Mini Brussels Sprouts and Pepperoni Flatbreads over at Parade magazine!

Brussels Sprouts and Pepperoni Flatbread 13

It’s basically completely loaded with cheese and garlic and topped with plenty of pepperoni and sprouts.

Brussels Sprouts and Pepperoni Flatbread 17

And it’s easy. So, so incredibly easy. If you’ve never made your own flatbread/pizza dough before, I really urge you to try it. You’ll be totally fine. And when these babies pop out of the oven you’ll make the decision to never boy a store-bought pizza dough again.

Brussels Sprouts and Pepperoni Flatbread 9

Oh, let’s talk about the cheese for a while, shall we? I did a mix of shredded parmesan cheese and super sharp cheddar.

Cabot Cheese Legacy 2 Brussels Sprouts and Pepperoni Flatbread 2

The cheddar had just arrived at my doorstep and I wasted absolutely zero time cracking it open. People that have will power around cheese scare me.

The cheese was sent from Cabot, the three selections from their new Farmers’ Legacy Collection.


I used the Farmhouse Reserve, mostly because it was described as “Bold and creamy… Extra sharp with a bite” Does that not sound like the best cheese ever?

Cabot Cheese Lagacy Collection 6

Think you don’t like brussels sprouts? Consider trying them on a flatbread. First they’re sliced thinly and then they’re sautéed in a little bit of olive oil and some red pepper flakes.

Brussels Sprouts and Pepperoni Flatbread 6

And then they get all roasty in the oven as they cook on top of the flatbread. Mmmm, seriously heavenly.

Brussels Sprouts and Pepperoni Flatbread 16

I guess I should also mention the fact that these are mini. Which means personal. Which means have an entire pizza to yourself! Do it.

Brussels Sprouts and Pepperoni Flatbread 11

Not only did this recipe make a fabulous dinner, but it also had me situated for lunch for several days in a row. And no, I’m still not sick of it.

Check out the full recipe over at Parade magazine! We’re almost two Friday… and everyone knows Friday is pizza night! Unless your Monday is, too. And your Wednesday. And, well, it’s just always appropriate. Kind of like my good friend, cocktails.


13 Responses to "Mini Brussels Sprouts and Pepperoni Flatbreads"

  1. Joanne says:

    Mmm I do love white pizzas also, but they have to have some veggies otherwise the guilt is just too overwhelming! Love what you’ve done with these.

  2. I do like brussels sprouts, but I have a feeling I’d like them even more on pizza! And I need to get my hands on those new cheese flavors.

  3. Megan says:

    These sound awesome with the mix of spicy and sharp and of course wonderful brussels sproutiness!

  4. Oh lordy, that looks like the Best. Pizza. Ever! I adore Brussels sprouts. And pepperoni. And cheese! Can’t wait to try this one.

  5. What a fantastic use for brussel sprouts!!

  6. Victoria says:

    That’s almost like a plan on brussels sprouts and bacon, but with pepperoni instead (which is awesome, by the way). Love these flatbreads! You took away the “healthy” sauce but added “healthy” brussels sprouts, so it’s all even 🙂

  7. Barbara says:

    Agreed! I can do without the tomato sauce too. Love the looks of your pizza, Sues…right up my alley.

  8. Odetta says:

    Put an egg on it and I’m all over it for breakfast!

  9. I love my Cabot Cheese. And love that its lactose free. Means more pizza for me 🙂

  10. This flatbread sounds delicious! I love your creative twist with the brussel sprouts and pepperoni. Looks incredible!

  11. Leah | So, How's It Taste? says:

    I love pretty much any kind of pizza, but one with pepperoni is always a good choice. I would have never thought about adding brussels sprouts, but that sounds so good! And hello, that Cabot cheese sounds amazing. I’ll have to buy two because one won’t make it on the pizza. 😉

  12. Looks delish! Never thought of brussel sprouts on pizza but that is a great idea which I will have to try.

  13. cherry fe vallejo says:

    Oh I love more cheese. delicious perfect for any one. Thank you 🙂 private chef in austin

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