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Snow Day Sugar Cookie Milkshake

Snow Day Sugar Cookie Milkshake -- Cozy up with this sweet milkshake |

Wow, Christmas is over. And it’s Monday again. SOB. Not that I can complain much. I thankfully only have a two-day work week before getting another couple days off for the new year. Phew… Also, I already looked at next year’s vacation schedule and Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day ALL fall on weekends. Which means we barely get any time off. Like, how is that even OK? What else will I have to look forward to to get me through 2016? I mean, not that I’m wishing the year away or anything like that… And goodness knows I need a massive break from the holiday crazies. And online shopping. I am so sick of shopping. Never thought that would happen!

So, I have about 11 months to get rich enough to be able to afford a personal shopper to do all my holiday shopping for me next year. Wish me luck.

But for now, we have some holiday cleanup to get done. If you’re anything like me, you have about 3028402 Rubbermaid bins of holiday decorations. OK, so part of that is due to my partnership with Wilton. But it’s also just because I love baking and decorating. And sometimes my eyes are bigger than my, um, free time. Luckily, I can still use so many of my sprinkles, baking pans, and more well beyond the holiday days. Today, I’m taking full advantage of the snow that’s supposed to hit tomorrow (SOB again) and using my Wilton snowflake sprinkles to whip up a milkshake.

Also, leftover eggnog.

Another thing you probably have leftover after the holidays? Sugar cookies! If not, it’s easy enough to whip up a batch (good excuse!) or grab some from the store. Any excuse to bring more cookies into the house.


Sugar cookies, ice cream, milk (or eggnog!!) and whipped cream. That’s all you need for a little piece of snow day heaven.

Snow Day Sugar Cookie Milkshake -- Cozy up with this sweet milkshake |

Plus, plenty of snowflakes sprinkled all around. I used these ones and these ones

Snow Day Sugar Cookie Milkshake -- Cozy up with this sweet milkshake |

It’s only officially been winter for about a week, but it’s been a ridiculously mild winter here in Boston. Like mid-60s all week. Until today. Now, it’s about 30 degrees. And we’re set to get some snow tomorrow. We’re all here hoping that we’re not in for another winter like we had last year. If you’re not from here, I’m sure you heard the stories.

Snow Day Sugar Cookie Milkshake -- Cozy up with this sweet milkshake |

I was notorious for saying “I just want one good blizzard!” mid-January when we hadn’t yet had any snow. I got a good blizzard alright. About six of them. We had a whole lot of snow days. During which this milkshake would have been perfect.

Snow Day Sugar Cookie Milkshake -- Cozy up with this sweet milkshake |

This is the best way to wind down from the holidays because it still has some of the best holiday flavors (SUGAR COOKIES), but isn’t in your face red and green with Santa Clauses and reindeer. I definitely used eggnog for my “milk,” but you don’t have to. You can use any kind of milk you please… Even a healthier alternative if you’re trying to be a bit more nutritious after the holidays. I believe in coming down from the holiday sugar high very, very slowly.

Snow Day Sugar Cookie Milkshake -- Cozy up with this sweet milkshake |

Who am I kidding? My blog is like 80% desserts. With the remaining 15% being cocktails and 5% salads with lots of cheese. Something tells me not much will change in 2016. 

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas if you celebrate! And are gearing up for a fabulous end of the year. If you have some leftover holiday goodies and are expecting snow where you are, I highly recommend whipping this milkshake up and snuggling up with someone you love!

Are you still celebrating the holidays or already getting into healthy mode?

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Snow Day Sugar Cookie Milkshake
When it's cold and snowy outside, turn up the heat and snuggle up on your couch with this Snow Day Sugar Cookie Milkshake. The holidays may be over, but your celebrating doesn't have to be!
Course: Dessert
Servings: 2 large milkshakes
Author: We are not Martha
  • 5 cups vanilla ice cream
  • 1 cup milk or eggnog
  • 8 small sugar cookies
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • Snowflake sprinkles optional
  1. Combine ice cream, milk or eggnog, and sugar cookies in a blender and process until well combined.
  2. In a large bowl, whip cream until soft peaks form, about 2-3 minutes.
  3. Pour milkshake into two glasses and top with whipped cream and snowflake sprinkles.

Snow Day Sugar Cookie Milkshake -- Cozy up with this sweet milkshake |

9 Responses to "Snow Day Sugar Cookie Milkshake"

  1. Seriously, how is Christmas already over?! I can’t believe how fast the last half of this year went by. At least I have a good excuse to enjoy one of these milkshakes. The sugar cookie flavor is irresistible!

  2. Sugar cookies, ice cream, milk and whipped cream = milkshake heaven indeed! This looks amazing!

  3. This milkshake looks delicious! I love the presentation with those snowflakes on top! I didn’t know these edible snowflakes existed – now I’ll have to get some 🙂

  4. sippitysup says:

    That is some kinda shake. Yay for 2015. Here;’s to a delicious 2016. GREG

  5. Adri says:

    Oh my, but that is one fine shake, and your photos are gorgeous!! Best wishes for a terrific new year!

  6. This is such a fun milkshake! I absolutely love the sugar cookie flavor. I think I could drink this all the time, sounds SO good!

  7. Claudia says:

    This is seriously the prettiest milkshake in the universe. It makes me appreciate snow. Sort of! Happy New Year to you two – may it be sweet!

  8. As we’re soaking up the hot summer sun down here – this sugar cookie milkshake would be a real treat!

    Happy New Year!

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