2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Food Lovers

It’s that time of year again! Yup, that one. The time when I get to write one of my very favorite posts… My holiday gift guide for food lovers! It basically makes me feel like I’m going on one giant shopping spree even though I’m not buying a thing (for myself at least). While I typically only write about products on We are not Martha if I have personally tried them and love them, my holiday gift guide is a little bit different. While I do personally own some of the items on the list, others are simply things I think would make fabulous gifts for food lovers (and, I mean, myself…). This is my fifth year writing this post (wow!) and for the most part, the lists from the previous years are still extremely pertinent, so check them out if you want: 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010.

Here we go!

(FYI There are some affiliate links in this post, which means I will earn a small commission for sales)

Vika Sky Salad Set in Gold:

Gold is my color of the year. I’m trying not to overdo it too much since an overload of gold can be, in some instances, a bit tacky. But I’m envisioning these gold salad utensils serving a lush green salad out of a bright white bowl. And I’m swooning.


Birch Pedestal Serving Platter:

I’m just imagining using this Birch Pedestal Serving Platter at every single dinner party I have for the rest of my life. In fact, I may just make salads for myself for dinner every night and eat off of it. Isn’t it lovely?


Triple Roll Tumblers:

You can never have too many monogrammed home goods. These Triple Roll Tumblers from Mark & Graham are for beverages, but obviously you can put snacks in them, too. Or even flowers. And the monograms come in all kinds of fun styles.


David’s Tea of the Month Collection:

It’s an “of-the-month” club that comes all at once. And isn’t crazy expensive. David’s Tea of the Month Collection is kind of like an advent calendar for tea. Your gift recipient can try a new tea every month, all year long.


Cool Haus Sammie of the Month Club:

This “of-the-month” club is a more traditional one. Kind of. It’s not cheese or bacon or beer. It’s ice cream sandwiches. Does it get any better than that? I don’t know anyone who would be disappointed to get a membership to Cool Haus’s Sammie of the Month Club.


Personalized Cutting Board:

This is one of my favorite gifts for anyone special. Most food lovers are constantly using cutting boards, to the point where they may as well just leave them out on their counter. So, why not give a cutting board that’s totally personalized and makes them want to leave it out? This one is especially fun (though the one below makes it sound like my husband is married to an Ashley…).


Wooden Vases:

I’m in love with everything from this Etsy shop, Shade on Shape, and especially these wooden vases. They’re perfect for  a modern kitchen or dining room table and can hold anything from flowers to candles to holiday decor!


Gray Kunz Spoon:

My sister got me this Gray Kunz Spoon for my birthday last year and it’s pretty awesome. I had never heard of it, but apparently it’s a pretty big deal in the chef world. Chef Gray Kunz designed this spoon while working at NYC’s Lespinasse in the 1990s and it’s thought of as the perfect spoon for stirring, saucing, portioning, and tasting.


Posh and Prep Mug:

I LOVE a good mug and am of the personal philosophy that you can never have too many. My friend Julie sells what are seriously the most fun mugs every out of her Etsy shop Posh and Prep (see below!). She also makes some pretty fabulous cards and stationery with beautiful calligraphy, so be sure to check out her shop.



Something tells me this is going to be the hot food gift of 2014. Spiralizers are all the rage on food blogs right now and lots of people are trying to get healthy by using the tool to make veggie “noodles.” or more fun-looking salads. Of course, you can also use them to make onion rings… There are tons of different brands to choose from, but the Paderno Spiralizer has great reviews.


Gold Pinstripe Coasters:

If you entertain a lot, you must know the struggle that is finding coasters that look good enough in your home that you want to keep them out all the time. I’m loving these Gold Pinstripe Coasters from The Coastal.


Beer Foamer:

I’ve been seeing these around quite a bit and at first I thought they were hoaky. But not only does this Menu Beer Foamer look pretty sleek, but it actually separates the beer foaming process and beer pouring process and makes your pour just like one from a draft, for a beer that’s “bubbly and crisp with a soft, dense layer of foam.”


Ice Orb:

If you’re like me, you hate filling ice cube trays and you hate that they take up so much space in the freezer. The Fusion Ice Orb is the first vertically designed ice cube tray and it make, stores, and serves ice. This is the perfect gift of anyone who loves to cocktail and lives in an apartment.


Nespresso VertuoLine Machine:

At this point, you probably know I have a Nespresso obsession (and work with them often), but I have to say that my favorite machine is the VertuoLine. I love it because it makes both espresso and traditional American coffee. I have one of these machines in my office at work and start every day with a cup of coffee and that glorious crema.


Neon Cocktail Napkins:

Table linens are the perfect gift for entertainers and these Neon Cocktail Napkins will help add a pop to a dining room table. I’m in love.


Savora Garlic Press:

I use this Savora Garlic Press multiple times a week and it couldn’t be easier. It’s a little large, but it also comes in a ton of pretty colors, so it looks good out on the counter. It fits 2 cloves of garlic at once and the best part? It’s SO easy to clean.


Bee Raw Honey:

This unique food gift is right up my alley. Five jars of Bee Raw Honey’s best varieties, including Maine Blueberry and Colorado Star Thistle. It comes in a nice box and with a wood dipper, too. Add in a cookbook like The Honey Connoisseur and you have a pretty fab gift.


Wusthof Steak Knives:

Everyone in my family has these steak knives at this point. They’re beautiful stainless steel knives from Wusthof, perfect for entertaining… Especially when there’s steak involved.


A New Napa Cuisine:

I’m all about getting food lovers cookbooks for the holidays, especially ones that can double as both cookbooks and pleasure reading. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Christopher Kostow’s A New Napa Cuisine and after a glorious trip to Napa earlier this year, I’ve been dying to dig into this one.

A New Napa Cuisine

Julia, Child:

While you’re at it, Julia, Child is a children’s book that is sure to be loved by chefs of all ages.

Julia Child Book

Norm Thermo Cups:

These Norm Thermo Double Wall Cups are the perfect gift for the coffee and tea drinker. They have a sleek modern look and because they’re double walled, they’ll keep hot beverages hot, but still allow you to comfortable hold them.


Walkers Shortbread:

For the food lover who’s also an animal lover, Walkers Shortbread comes in these adorable Scottie Dog shapes (in both traditional and chocolate flavor). Plus, a portion of all sales is donated to the ASPCA for the rest of 2014.


Jacquard Check Dishtowels:

I’m a sucker for a good tea towel and think they make the perfect gift for most food lovers as they’re both functional and can help add some fun to a kitchen. I’m especially in love with tea towels from Anthropologie and these Jacquard Check Dishtowels are so pretty.


Boska Homemade Goat Cheese Kit:

You know you have at least one person in your life who’s obsessed with goat, cheese, right? And they’d probably be pretty psyched to be able to make their own with the Boska Homemade Goat cheese Kit. Sur La Table also sells a Mozzarella Kit if that suits your tastes  more.


Ingredient Prints:

I’m in love with all of these prints from Lucille’s Kitchen. It’s really tough for me to pick a favorite, but if I’m not going to get the chili pepper or guacamole or caprese salad print, I’d definitely have to go with this croissant ingredient print. It would remind me that I still haven’t completed my 3-year running New Year resolution to make croissants. Anyway, her work is seriously beautiful!


Not necessarily for food lovers, but if you’re still looking for holiday cards, may I recommend Clipped Greetings? My friend Kyle runs the business and makes the BEST cards around. She has cards for every occasion and the one-of-a-kind greetings are my favorites to send because I know the recipient won’t get another like it and they’re way prettier than any cards you’ll find in a shop. Also, I could spend all day sifting through her cards to choose my favorites!


I hope you got some fun ideas from this year’s list! I’m actually so inspired that I now want to create a list of things not to buy for food lovers that I stumbled across while researching this guide. Those things would include an iPhone case that says “Foodie,” a pair of jelly bean leggings, a cupcake gstring, and a print that says “Talk foodie to me.” Yikes.

Happy holidays to all my food loving friends!

What’s your favorite gift for food lovers this year?


26 Responses to "2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Food Lovers"

  1. Joanne says:

    I’m definitely giving everyone I know this year either a Nespresso or a spiralizer! Definitely two of my favorite kitchen items.

  2. What a great collection of gifts! I love the birch serving platter and spiralizer. Such fun gifts for Christmas!

  3. Justine says:

    I want an Nespresso and also those ice cream sandwiches! And that fun mug!

  4. Love, love, love your gift guides! I want everything on here!

  5. what a great list of gifts! i’d looove a spiralizer!

  6. Meghan says:

    Great gift ideas!

  7. Megan says:

    The link for the neon napkins links incorrectly to the coasters, FYI. 🙂

  8. Monica says:

    How fun is this! And I love Lucille’s artwork! I had a customized one made by her a year ago and I adore it!

  9. Sues says:

    @Megan- Thank you!! I’ve updated the link 🙂

  10. Daisy says:

    you guides are always the best!!! thanks for putting them together year after year

  11. natalie@thesweetslife says:

    great finds! I especially love the gold coasters and salad utensils! guess I have a thing for gold right now 🙂

  12. brandi says:

    those ingredient prints are SO cute!!!

  13. These neon napkins are calling my name, must check out the color selections!

  14. CakeSpy says:

    Can you be my personal shopper?? One of each! Great guide.

  15. I love so many of these things but I the spiralizer might be my favorite. Great list.

  16. oh my! I love them all- especially the cutting board and tumblers. Alll so cute

  17. Out of your list it would be the tea. I’m giving the foodies in my life spoon rests. For me, all I would love is a Kitchen Aid food processor 🙂

  18. Odetta says:

    This is such a lovely list! I’ll take one of everything please!

  19. love all the gift ideas!! That Julia Child children’s book – love it!

  20. I love this list and definitely want a few (all) of these things for myself!

  21. Mary Frances says:

    These all are great suggestions!
    I’ve been very excited personally because a lot of people among my family and friends are getting subscriptions to my culinary box, MARY’s secret ingredients, as holiday presents. I love giving gifts and I’ve put a lot of care into those boxes, so I’m really thrilled that people like them!
    Sadly I’m pretty sure a Nespresso machine will NOT fit, but one can dream!

  22. Monique says:

    What a great list of gifts!
    I am all about the food gifts this year. Christmas snuck up on us with all that is going on and food gifts were the simplest. Gourmet fudge, fancy coffee, and even cookie bouquets!

  23. Nicole says:

    I want everything on this list, for real. Ice cream sandwich of the month club?? That Julia Child book is way adorable and I love the napkins and gold utensils and the vases and everything.

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