2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Food Lovers

2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Food Lovers

Woo hoo! Here we go again… It’s time for my annual Holiday Gift Guide for Food Lovers. I can’t even believe this is my sixth gift guide; how is that possible? I thought I was coming really late this year, but upon review, I’m just one day later than last year and two days earlier than the year before. Phew. I do have to say, it feels really good that so many people have been asking me when my gift guide will be out. I have so much fun putting them together, so I’m glad you’re loving them and finding them useful. If this is your first time checking out my Holiday Gift Guide for Food Lovers, I encourage you to look back. Most of the older gift guides are still super relevant and may inspire other ideas, too: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010.

I hope this list gives you some major gift giving inspiration!

GIR Spatulas:

Can you ever have too many spatulas? And can you ever have too much pink and teal in your kitchen? The answer to both of those questions is NO (in all capital letters and italicized!). And also, GIR Spatulas. GIR stands for “get it right” and these spatulas totally do. Not only are these super fun, but they’re also very functional. Plus, they have a “bacon colored” version, so there’s that.


Copper Colander:

There’s not usually anything very exciting about colanders and most people would think you were a huge weirdo if you got them a colander for Christmas. But this copper colander from Crate & Barrel is on point and the perfect gift for any food lover!


Shitake Mushroom Log:

How cool is this?? The Shitake Mushroom Log from Williams-Sonoma is a gift that truly is for the foodie who has everything. The log can be kept indoors or outdoors and will produce a crop of shitake mushrooms every two-three months for up to three years.

Shitake Mushroom Log

MENU Spice Grinders:

I have a thing for salt and pepper grinders, but these MENU Spice Grinders really take the cake. They come in many pretty colors and would look fabulous left out on the countertop.

MENU Spice Grinders

BLACK + DECKER Slow Cooker:

You might think a slow cooker is an odd gift to get someone, but BLACK + DECKER makes some super fashionable and fun slow cookers. I had no idea! Another item I’d want to keep on my countertop. And you can’t say that about too many slow cookers!

BLACK + DECKER Slow Cooker

Wood Slice Serving Board:

I just think this Wood Serving Board from Sur la Table would look perfect filled with cheese. Or cocktails. Maybe both.

Wood Slice Serving Board

Sweetapolita’s Sprinkles:

Is there anything happier than sprinkles? I, for one, know that I’d be thrilled to receive sprinkles for the holidays, especially if they were Sweetapolita’s Sprinkles. You may know Rosie as the blogger behind Sweetapolita; the super talented lady recently came out with her own line of sprinkles. Best idea ever.

Sweetapolita Sprinkles

Brass Ice Cream Scoop:

This Brass Ice Cream Scoop will just make your nightly ice cream indulgence even more enjoyable. Oh, you don’t have nightly ice cream indulgences? You should start.

Brass Ice Cream Scoop

Himalayan Salt with Grinder:

I’ve always been intrigued by Himalayan Salt but more because I think it would look pretty on the counter and less because I’d be using it often. But this Himalayan Salt with Grinder makes the salt so much more usable. And it can still be kept on the countertop.

Himalayan Salt with Grinder

Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid Food Storage Container Set:

You may want to exercise caution with this one as not everyone considers food storage containers the ideal Christmas gift. But I will tell you that Chris got this Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid Food Storage Container Set for me for my birthday (among other things!) and I was thrilled. My cabinet is way more organized and I’m much happier when it comes to packing up leftovers. I guess I’m now the person who enjoys getting food storage containers for holidays. Oh well! For the right person, this  is a lovely gift!

Rubbermaid Food Storage

Maple Cake Stand:

Most people who love baking don’t believe you can ever have too many cake stands. Not every cake belongs on the same cake stand, but so many cakes would look beautiful on this Maple Cake Stand.

Maple Cake Stand

The Marlowe Lunchbag:

If you have a loved one who brings lunch to work every day, they’re sure to appreciate a way to carry their lunch there. This Marlowe Lunchbag is way classier than the average brown bag and can be used over and over again.

The Marlowe Lunchbag

Wilton Master Tip Set:

Know anyone who dabbles in cake decorating? They don’t have to be an expert to love Wilton’s Master Tip Set. This set comes with 55 decorating tips, which means you can always find the one you’re looking for. This set has made my life so much easier and has me much more apt to experiment with frosting designs.

WIlton Master Tip Set

Hampton Gilded Ceramic Coasters:

Coasters (and a bottle of wine) make the perfect hostess gift. And these Gilded Ceramic Coasters are perfect for all of your stylish friends.

Giled Ceramic Coasters

Dana’s Bakery Macarons:

I’m all about the homemade food gifts, but I’m also well aware that during the busiest time of year, you may just not have time to be spending in the kitchen whipping up gifts. The good thing is, nobody will ever complain about receiving macarons, even if you didn’t make them yourself. I love the fun festive look of these Dana’s Bakery Macarons!

Dana's Bakery Macarons

The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Whiskey Expert:

This book has been everywhere over the past couple months and I can see why. The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Whiskey Expert might not really make you a whiskey expert, but it’s still a super fun gift for al the whiskey lovers in your life.

The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide Whiskey Expert

Old Fashioned Lip Balm:

Cocktails in lip balm form? These are the most perfect stocking stuffers!


Cake Tester:

Instead of getting a toothpick out,  you can keep this awesome-looking Cake Tester by your oven. Simply pull out a straw every time you want to test a cake for doneness. I can pretty much guarantee your gift recipient won’t already have one of these!

Cake Tester Straw

King Arthur Bakers Deluxe Gift Box:

Normally, I wouldn’t recommend buying seasoned bakers baking boxes, but the King Arthur Bakers Deluxe Gift Box is a really good one. It’s packed with King Arthur favorites like Vietnamese cinnamon, espresso powder, lemon juice powder, and lots more!

Bakers Deluxe Box

Anthropologie Baking Supplies:

All I can see is that I want everything from the Anthropologie Bloom collection. Everything. Oh, this gift guide isn’t’ about me? Fine, I’m sure your friends and family would love these whisks, measuring cups, measuring spoons, and more, too.

Anthropologie Baking Supplies

Typhoon Digital Food Scale: 

The Typhoon Digital Food Scale landed on Oprah’s Favorite Things list andI can see why. Everyone needs a kitchen scale; you may as well get one that looks good.

Typhoon Food Scale

Mint Green Bamboo Cutting Board:

I think there’s some type of hand-painted wood kitchenware on my list every year and this year we’re staying simple with this Mint Green Bamboo Cutting Board from Etsy shop DesignerDwellings.

Painted Bamboo Cutting Board

And that’s a wrap! Like I mentioned, everything in my past guides is still fair gifting game, so be sure to check them out. I try not to be repetitive from year to year, but there are so many things like cooking classes, books, foodie jewelry, and more that’s always in style. I hope this guide helps move your shopping along a bit more quickly and with less stress… And maybe you even found something you want to add to your own list. Let’s face it, that’s what half of us are using gift guides for anyway, right? Please tell me that’s not just me 🙂

Happy holidays! I hope you’re enjoying the season so far!

What’s on your holiday wish list this year?

8 Responses to "2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Food Lovers"

  1. I want all of these things!!! i can shop for myself, right? 😉

  2. Chef Devaux says:

    I love your stuff. Especially now with the holidays. They are perfect for presents. I love all your pictures.

  3. Ohh gosh. I gave the hubbie a container set and it was suchhh a hit. I felt bad at first and then I knew it was a splurge that made it a gift…and we both benefit from it.

  4. I need to make a shopping list for gifts. I want that salt grater and that brass ice cream scoop if it means I can have ice cream every night. 🙂

  5. You’d think that as a food blogger I’d have everything already, but no, I want a all of these gifts 😉

  6. Justine says:

    I always look forward to these gift guides and now I have so much to add to my own list!

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