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  1. Hmmm! These look like the perfect hot appetizer for a party, pot luck dinner or even a holiday get together. Because really, who doesn’t love wings (unless you’re veggie)? These looked so tasty and I liked how they were baked, and not fried. I know I could probably eat the whole tray!

  2. oh these look delicious, and added to recipes i want to try!

  3. Vanilla yogurt sauce, huh? Might not be so bad. 🙂 Good thing you noticed! This is a keeper for any party!

  4. These look delicious, and I definitely support the use of Frank’s instead of cayenne pepper! I haven’t tried making my own wings, but now I’m inspired!

  5. Hi there, great looking wings. I’m a big fan of grilling chicken wings but seeing as how my patio is under snow and my charcoal grill is “turned off” for the winter, I’ll have to give these a try. I like your use of yogurt for the dipping sauce too.

    As for Lagunitas beer, have you tried their Cappuccino Stout? It’s outstanding and available at the Publick House right now.

  6. Great recipe, thanks!

  7. YUM! those just made me drool at my desk!! almost grabbed a lagunitas pilsner at the bar last night but they were out 🙁 🙁 i’m going to keep an eye out for the gnarlywine next time!

  8. I really like this recipe idea! I’m totally bookmarking it.

  9. This recipe looks good and easy for the most part. I liked how there wasn’t any liquidy stuff on the baking sheet when it was done! I’m going to try this for Super Bowl snacks tomorrow! Thanks for posting the photos, they totally sold me on this recipe!

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