Rosé Sour Patch Kids

July 27, 2017


These easy-to-make Rosé Sour Patch Kids are homemade wine gummy bears with a sweet and sour coating. Perfect for parties! Who else needs some mid-week rosé? I’ll tell you how badly I need it. Yesterday, when I left work, I was so tired and distracted that I got on the wrong train. THE WRONG TRAIN. I live in the suburbs, so we’re talking about the commuter rail and leaving the city with an hour+ between trains. Not the T, where you can just get off at the next stop and hop back on the next train. For some weird reason, […]

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What I Read: June 2017 | Recommendations for Books to Read

July 24, 2017


Does reading seem harder these days than it used to?  I think so. In some ways, of course, it’s because life has just gotten busier. My summers are no longer filled with endless days of nothingness (if only!). But I’m also pretty sure it’s because technology has messed with my brain in a major way. I nodded my way through this Washington Post article, “The Death of Reading is Threatening My Soul.” Especially when the author talks about the Internet’s effect on our brains… “The Internet and social media have trained my brain to read a paragraph or two, and […]

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